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MBA President brings diverse perspectives to club leadership

Q&A with MBA Real Estate Club President
(From top left) Andrew Makredes, Curtis Wallin, Weston Bayes, Shawn Mufti, and John Rice (From bottom left) Bess McLawhorn, Elizabeth Beecy, Mariafe Mazurski, Katie Hillowe, and Katie Lockhart.

The 2023 MBA Real Estate Club Executive Board began their term at the beginning of March. (From top left) Andrew Makredes, Curtis Wallin, Weston Bayes, Shawn Mufti, and John Rice. (From bottom left) Bess McLawhorn, Elizabeth Beecy, Mariafe Mazurski, Katie Hillowe, and Katie Lockhart.

Selected by a committee of her peers, first-year MBA student Mariafe Mazurski is the 2023 president of the MBA Real Estate Club. Mazurski, who is originally from Peru, was most recently employed as a Development Associate at AvalonBay assisting with multifamily projects in the DMV market. We spoke with the mother of two to learn more about her vision for the organization.

Why are you passionate about Real Estate?

When I moved to the United States from Peru in 2011, I was so amazed by how culture, habits, trends, and climate shape the way cities look, feel, and operate. I enjoy being part of something that takes years and great teamwork to build and that continues to evolve.

What in your career led to you committing to the concentration?

I started my career in Real Estate operations and decided to make a move to development to be able to see the whole picture. Very soon after joining the development team, I discovered that this was my passion and knew that long term I wanted to be able to execute deals from beginning to end which also pushed me to decide to get my MBA.

Why are you a part of the MBA Real Estate Club?

The best part of being at UNC as a Real Estate concentrator is the endless resources and community, so I knew that I wanted to be a part of that in a big way and help my classmates and future students to make the most out of their time at UNC.

How is the club beneficial to UNC Real Estate students?

The best part of being part of this club is the community that it makes you a part of as well as collaborating with the Wood Center. Former and current members of the club and the Wood Center are there to help each other succeed, and you will always have someone to connect with.

Whether you are in the career switcher bucket or someone with previous experience, the Real Estate Club and Wood Center are incredibly helpful resources to assist in adjusting to this new phase in one’s career. It helps you understand and manage class scheduling, networking, recruiting, potential career paths, and company introductions.

Why did you decide to apply for the President position of the MBA Real Estate Club?

I wanted to make sure that I motivated other minorities so they could visualize themselves not only as a part of the industry but within a leadership position as well. I want to look back at these years and see that I am leaving the club better than I found it, which will be a tough ask because the bar has been set pretty high.

What is your vision for the club during your term?

I want to continue increasing the exposure of our club to companies and make sure the industry continues seeing our program as one of the best in the country. I would also like to increase participation within the club. I envision it being a place where all members have an immense opportunity to learn and grow from each other, and where a strong network of alumni, mentors, and industry leaders can contribute to strengthen our career opportunities. Last, I would like the club to participate and volunteer in initiatives regarding sustainability and affordable housing.

How do you believe you can positively impact the UNC Real Estate Community?

I can go on and on about why diversity is so immensely beneficial to the Real Estate community, but I think that the easiest way to explain my impact in the real estate community is representation and a unique perspective.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself executing complex and innovative deals among all asset classes but especially multifamily. I also see myself in a position where I can identify new growth opportunities and source deals while contributing to and leading a diverse and cooperative team.

If someone is interested in joining the club, how can they get involved?

If you would like to join the Real Estate Club, learn more about it, or are just curious, reach out to me, any member of the board, the Wood Center, or really any club member. We are all here to help! But also, the club does a great job of communicating with all MBA candidates very early on to make sure everyone is aware of the opportunities available.


President: Mariafe Mazurski

Executive Vice-President: Weston Bayes

VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Katie Lockhart

VP of Finance: John Rice

VP of Learning & Development: Bess McLawhorn & Curtis Wallin

VP of Corporate Relations: Shawn Mufti & Katie Hillowe

VP of Operations: Elizabeth Beecy

VP of Social: Andrew Makredes