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A “fit” schedule

Michelle CorriveauSome people enjoy watching TV or going out with friends when they want to relax or unwind from a long day at work or school. For Michelle Corriveau (MAC ’17) neither would suffice.

Her form of relaxation is going to the gym.

Corriveau, a tax accountant for PwC, is a weightlifter competing at the national level.

She decided to go back to school to pursue a degree through the Master of Accounting Program at UNC Kenan-Flagler because she wanted to increase her options.

“There wasn’t room for mobility for me at my previous job,” says Corriveau.

She credits weightlifting for her drive to be more successful professionally. Corriveau discovered her passion for weightlifting through CrossFit, a fitness regime, in April 2015.

“Everyone I’ve met through the sport is extremely hardworking and passionate,” she says. “It makes me want to be the same way.”

While enrolled in the MAC Program, Corriveau spent two to three hours a day training in the gym and then went right back to studying in the library.

She balanced her school life with her weightlifting training by keeping a tight schedule and developing discipline.

“My downtime was spent training so it was easier to balance my version of a break from school,” says Corriveau.

At the gym Corriveau works on improving her strength so she can qualify for weightlifting meets. So far she has competed in local meets and one meet on the national level at the 2016 National University Championships.

“It takes a lot to qualify for a national meet and once you’re there it’s really a do or die moment because you don’t know when you’ll get to do it again,” says Corriveau. “It takes a pretty big toll mentally.”

Weightlifting has taught her some valuable life lessons, she says. “There’s nothing I can’t get through if I put my mind to it and put the time and effort in,” she said.

By Shawna McIntosh (BA ’19)