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7 competencies and capabilities leaders need to create a viable and sustainable future

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The global pandemic and civil unrest have illuminated the fact that we are living in an era of increasing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity – a VUCA environment. “Certain-uncertainty” is the new normal. According to UNC’s Dr. Jim Johnson, in order to create a viable and sustainable future, leaders must demonstrate competencies and capabilities in seven domains:

  • Analytical reasoning – the ability to leverage big data analytics to aid in strategy development and decision making.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset – the willingness to deal with ambiguity, take incalculable risks, and demonstrate tenacity and decisiveness.
  • Contextual intelligence – an acute sensitivity to the social, political, technological, economic, and demographic drivers of change that will likely define the future.
  • Cultural elasticity – the ability to change behavioral norms to align with ever-changing situational and environmental contexts.
  • Knowledge networks – the diverse connections that span the political and ideological spectrum, providing keys to effective leadership.
  • Effective listening and communication – moving beyond expertise acquired through formal education and training to enthusiastically embrace learning from others.
  • Agility and flexibility – the ability to respond without hesitation to unanticipated crises by reinventing the way business is done.

In his white paper, Leading, Managing and Communicating in an Era of Certain Uncertainty, Johnson details each of these seven competencies and capabilities and why they are important to leaders during times of change.

Download Jim’s white paper here.