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STAR Global

A Unique Action-Based Learning Course & International Experience

STAR Global places teams of globally minded MBA and undergraduate students with multi-national and other global corporate partners to address complex business challenges in countries such as China, Brazil, France and India to improve competitiveness. Students from multiple business, cultural, and university environments are organized on a STAR Global team to work with corporate executives to solve a business challenge. These teams work virtually first in the US and then on the ground in a foreign country. These students are guided by a faculty advisor to address issues such as supply chain, market entry or new product introductions.

Kenan-Flagler Business School recognizes the value of a global experience. STAR Global is a unique way for students to conduct business in a global environment while in school. The program differs from the other STAR options as it provides the opportunity to travel in the home country for a two-week immersion experience as a team, led by the faculty advisor. The travel experience is at the end of the STAR program and is in conjunction with the final presentation to the client, the corporate partner.

The STAR Global project begins in January with the STAR programs launch weekend, but the student consultation progresses from March through May and culminates in a two-week in-country immersion to complete primary research and conclude findings. Project teams provide a formal report of their recommendations to the corporate partners.

STAR Global corporate partners may be multinational organizations with offices in other countries. Other examples of STAR Global projects are local companies in countries such as China, Brazil or India.

STAR Global Requirements for Corporate Partners & Students

Qualifying as a Corporate Partner

  • Complete an application that includes describing a current situation or challenge that can benefit from a fresh perspective provided by a student consulting team
  • Identify that collectively has experience in the country, the industry and the focus of the project
  • Provides senior executives/representatives to work with the team to ensure success; Representatives should:
    • Provide clear, concise and on-going communications with the faculty advisor, project leader and team;
    • Be open to suggestions made by the team;
    • Be involved with the team – from start to finish; and,
    • Provide relevant financial, market and competitor data.

Corporate Partner Financial Obligations

  • Contribute USD $30,000 plus any wire fees and/or taxes. This contribution covers administrative support, faculty resources all room and board for your team and faculty advisor in-country; ground transportation for corporate partner team and faculty advisor while they are in-country; and international travel expenses for your faculty advisor to accompany your team.
  • Cover all expenses (estimated USD $15,000)
  • Other non-covered expenses that may be incurred but will require your pre-approval:
    • Databases and surveys; and,
    • Additional trips by your team that will exceed USD $250.

Other Corporate Partner Obligations

  • Provide your team with at least two special dinners - ideally a Welcome and Farewell;
  • Adequate workspace - either at the Corporate Partner site or meeting space in the team hotel including working internet; and,
  • At least 3 SIM cards or cell phones to be used by the team while in-country (can be returned at the conclusion of the project).

Qualifying as a Student Participant

  • Enrolled at UNC as an undergraduate or MBA student
  • Submit a compelling STAR application and selects STAR Global as an interest
  • Match letter with Code of Conduct is sent to the student – student has 72 hours to sign and return with deposit to the STAR Program Office located in the Kenan Center – 4th floor
  • Pledge to do top-quality work for credit, putting in time and effort equivalent to the most demanding business school class spanning approximately 15 weeks of the academic year (depending on the in-country time period)
  • Agree to engage in all face-to-face and virtual meetings, including the STAR Project Launch in Chapel Hill, NC on January 26, 2019.  

Student Participants Financial Obligation

  • Pay student program fee* - $500 deposit when you accept your assignment and $1,000 balance due mid-December or January (total of $1,500)
  • Agree to cover their international travel expenses

In order to provide a global experience for the graduate and undergraduate students, the STAR program does require a fee of $1,500 to support the in-country experience. The student will also be required to pay for the travel expenses to the country. The STAR Global Program and the Corporate Partner will cover the in-country expenses.


STAR Global

STAR Global Corporate Partners

The following organizations have been STAR Global partners:

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