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Anusha Shari

Anusha Chari

Professor of Economics and Adjunct Professor of Finance


McColl Building, Room 4544 CB 3490 Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3490

(919) 966-5346

Anusha Chari is an adjunct professor of finance at UNC Kenan-Flagler and a senior research fellow at the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise. She also is a professor of economics in the department of economics at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Her research is in the fields of international finance and macroeconomics with a focus on emerging financial markets. She studies an array of topics, such as U.S. monetary policy spillovers to other countries; international financial markets and the impacts of financial globalization; corporate and sovereign debt; cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and the underrepresentation of women in economics.

Dr. Chari teaches courses on multinational financial management, international financial markets and open-economy macroeconomics at UNC Kenan-Flagler.

She is the inaugural director of the Modern Indian Studies Initiative at UNC-Chapel Hill.

She is a research associate in the National Bureau of Economic Research’s International Finance and Macroeconomics Program, and a research fellow at the Reserve Bank of India and the Raj Center on Indian Economic Policies at Columbia University.

Dr. Chari’s work is published in leading academic journals, including the Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, American Economic Journal-Macroeconomics and the Journal of International Economics.

She has held faculty positions at the University of Chicago, University of Michigan and the Haas School of Business at Berkeley. She was a research associate at the Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance at St. Gallen, Switzerland, and a summer intern at the International Monetary Fund.

Dr. Chari was a special advisor to the Indian Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council and a member of an Advisory Group of Eminent Persons on G20 Issues.

She received her PhD in international finance from UCLA, her BA in philosophy, politics and economics from OxfordUniversity and her BA with honors in economics from the University of Delhi.