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Brand Positioning Overview

  • As a community, the way we communicate the UNC Kenan-Flagler brand has a direct impact on how we are understood as an institution. We need your help in telling our story.

    Positioning, the way we define the unique qualities of UNC Kenan-Flagler, gives us a clear understanding of our identity and tells our audience what they can expect from us. The importance of this goes beyond the important outcome of growing our reputation as a leading business school, to the heart of sustaining and strengthening the core values that define and guide us.

    We are an extremely diverse school, with a variety of programs and audiences and a multitude of strengths. We are also a unified school, with shared core values and a common mission. Our communications platform must be flexible enough to serve our diversity, while simultaneously providing a powerful unifying force that speaks to our work as a single community.

    The use of the & symbol in our new positioning platform provides strong visual consistency across messages, applications, and media. It also showcases one of the most distinguishing hallmarks of our culture and academic experience: UNC Kenan-Flagler uniquely prepares its students to both excel in applying essential business knowledge to drive results & to become true leaders who motivate and collaborate to inspire positive change in the world.

    The & is a statement about who we are as an institution. It reminds us that developing a rare and sought-after balance of strengths is what sets us apart.

    These are the key tenets of the positioning that underscore the hallmarks of the UNC Kenan-Flagler experience.

    • The Bottom Line & The Greater Good: Our students emerge from UNC Kenan-Flagler as principled, confident leaders ready to put what they've learned to work to make an impact in their organizations & the communities they serve.
    • Knowledge & Courage: Our students become the type of leaders who have the courage to do what's right & the knowledge to make it happen.
    • Learn & Do: Real-life learning experiences are woven into the fabric of our culture and curriculum. In & out of the classroom, students are transformed through learning.
    • Think Globally & Act Globally: UNC Kenan-Flagler bridges people & ideas across borders and cultures.
    • Network & Teamwork: Our influential alumni network is more than 32,000 strong and extends across more than 50 countries & thousands of innovative, leading companies.
  • A Written & Visual Language

    Words communicate the meaning and information. Images communicate emotion and context. Powerful brands are built upon authentic written and visual language that differentiates, expresses, and, ultimately, connects with target audiences. Here are a few examples of our brand positioning channels and assets used to reinforce our positioning.

    What We Say

    At UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School, we shape principled leaders who drive extraordinary results for both the bottom line and the greater good. Through expert faculty and world-class programs that combine challenging academic rigor and essential real-life learning experiences, our students develop the knowledge and leadership qualities required to envision, inspire and execute meaningful change. As graduates they join a worldwide network of engaged, influential alumni whose careers and accomplishments impact the global business landscape of today and tomorrow.

    Our Online Presence

    Our website is our global calling card. Each month we engage more unique visitors, there, than all the classes, meetings, presentations and events combined - in a year. It needs to engage, differentiate and facilitate. Our online presence across our site, our advertising, our media and content and search rankings will, to a large degree, determine who knows about us and what they associate with our school.

    UNC Kenan-Flagler website

    Our Advertising

    As we grow as a nationally and globally recognized school, advertising campaigns will play an important role in both brand awareness and lead generation. Below are three images from a digital, animated banner ad.

    UNC Kenan-Flagler Digital Ad Screen 1

    UNC Kenan-Flagler Digital Ad Screen 2

    UNC Kenan-Flagler Digital Ad Screen 3

    Our Content

    Content is a powerful proof point for our brand. It demonstrates our thought leadership, engagement and share of voice in the market across many channels.

    Social Media

    UNC Kenan-Flagler LinkedIn

    Earned Media

    UNC Kenan-Flagler Earned Media

    Thought Leadership

    Financial Times UNC Kenan-Flagler feature