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Creating Your Academic Plan

All Master of Accounting students are required to submit an academic plan (and receive approval) before being cleared for registration. Use the Academic Plan Worksheet to plan out classes and terms. In addition to being a handy reference for you, these worksheets allow us to accurately estimate demand for future courses, and therefore make sure we’ll have enough seats for the classes selected.

If you need to change your academic plan at any point, please let us know and send an updated copy at We are always available to help with any plan adjustments. Please note that we require an up-to-date copy on file at all times for registration and course-planning purposes.

  1. In the top section, after entering your name in the “Name” field, select the following from drop-down menus in the respective fields:
    – Whether you’ll be participating in structured recruiting through the program
    – Whether your concentration will be Tax, Audit, Financial Analysis & Reporting, or none. A concentration is required if you have selected that you will be participating in our structured-recruiting process.
    – What term you’re starting and when you plan to graduate (maximum of 36 months after you start the program). For the projected graduation date, use the chart below to select the correct month based on the last term you plan to attend. For example, if your last term will be Jan. 21, you’ll select Mar 21” as the projected graduation date.

    Term Projected Graduation Date
    January March
    April June
    July September
    October December
  2. To start planning your schedule, review the Degree Requirements, the MAC Online Course Descriptions document for information on each class, the Course Schedule_2019-2022 document to see which terms each class is offered in, and the Course List document for information on any pre-/co-requisites for each class.You should expect to dedicate approximately 15 hours per week per course. Please keep this in mind when planning your schedule. We strongly encourage any working professionals to take no more than 8 credit hours in any single term (excluding any immersions).
  3. . In the Core section of the worksheet, select a term for each class (excluding the Leadership Immersion and Financial Reporting A, which populate based on your Program Start Date) from the drop-down menus in the “Term you plan to take the course” column. If you have chosen the Tax, Audit or Financial Analysis & Reporting concentration, your requirements will appear in the Concentration section. Choose a term for each. Finally, select each of your electives (6 credit hours if you have a concentration, or 14 hours if you don’t have one) from the menus in the leftmost column of the Electives section and choose terms. (As mentioned in step 1 above, a concentration is required if you will participate in structured recruiting.)
  4. In the yellow section at the bottom of the worksheet, please fill in the classes you will be taking each term along with their designated credits to make sure you’ve got the full 48 hours necessary for graduation. Please also note any credits waived in cell E51.
  5. Once you’ve completed the Academic Plan Worksheet, please email it to us at You will receive a confirmation email from us once we’ve reviewed and approved it.