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MAC August Start (Includes Pre-MAC Interns)

While the on-campus format of the UNC Master of Accounting Program begins in June, we recognize that our students have unique opportunities to complete before starting the program. Examples include internships or competing in collegiate sports at your undergraduate institution.

We’ve created an option for students such as these to start the program in early August and complete their first term on an accelerated timeline. Students seeking to start the on-campus format in early August must have fulfilled their undergraduate degree requirements and have received a grade of B or better (not pass/fail) in an Introductory Finance course from a U.S.-based, AACSB-accredited institution. (For UNC Chapel Hill undergrads, that course is BUSI 408.)

If you can meet those criteria, you’re in good shape!

Students starting in early-August may also participate in our Structured Recruiting process. You are required to attend all events, including those conducted prior to starting coursework in early August. All students starting in early-August have access to Career Services through their time in the program. 

Your timeline:

  • August 5– You’ll attend a welcome event where you’ll meet students, professors, and staff members and receive key information that will help you transition into the MAC Program. You’ll also attend your first class.
  • From August 5 to September 23 – You’ll take four courses over six weeks: Accounting Systems Essentials and Advanced Spreadsheet Modeling during the first three weeks, followed by Financial Reporting A and Data Analytics for Accountants.
  • August 15-16: If you are participating in Structured Recruiting, you will attend Meet the Firms.
  • September 30 – You’ll begin the second term alongside all members of the MAC Class of 2025 (and graduate with them in June 2025).

Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Calendar

Prior to UNC MAC Program Semester 1 Semester 2
Before June 1 May – August August 5- September 23
October – December January – March April – June
Introductory Finance
(Students must complete an Introductory Finance course from an AACSB-accredited institution and receive a grade of B- or better)
Pre-MAC Summer Internship Core Courses
(2 credits each, 8 total)

  • Financial Reporting A
  • Accounting Systems Essentials
  • Data Analytics for Accountants
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Modeling
Core Courses (12 credits) Core Courses
(8 credits)
Concentration Courses
(8 credits)
(4 credits)