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All Gifts Make a Difference

At UNC Kenan-Flagler, our goal is to maintain and increase excellence across these strategic priorities as we continue our rise to the top echelon of the world’s business schools. Together with the wonderful support of alumni, friends of the school, foundations and corporate supporters, we can pursue opportunities that will lead to even greater achievements for Kenan-Flagler. Endowed funds are permanent and provide a 5 percent annual payout. Expendable funds are used immediately and must be replenished annually.

Leadership Education

With an increasing call for principled leadership in business, we have created several unique programs to advance our goal of being recognized as the world leader in this area.

  • MBA Premier Fellowships: The most prestigious fellowships granted, these funds attract students with strong leadership potential.
    • $1.1 million creates a Premier Fellowship endowment.  
    • $55,000 provides an expendable Premier Fellowship for one student for one year.
  • MBA Leadership Immersion: This selective seven-week course tests and strengthens students’ abilities as leaders through a series of hands-on experiential learning exercises.
    • $100,000 creates an endowment to enable one MBA student to participate every year.
    • $50,000 provides expendable support enabling 10 MBA students to participate for one year.
  • BSBA Leadership Challenge: This program provides undergraduates with the opportunity to apply learned leadership skills in team-based settings with professional feedback.   
    • $400,000 creates an endowment to name and fund this program.
    • $20,000 provides expendable support for the Leadership Challenge for one year.

Global Reputation

We are committed to becoming as recognized globally as we are nationally.
  • Global Business Project (GBP): In this unique graduate-level course, students apply both cross-cultural awareness and foreign language skills to provide strategic advice for companies.  
    • $600,000 creates an endowment that funds one GBP every year.
    • $30,000 provides expendable support for one GBP for one year.
  • MBA Global Immersion Elective (GIE): This elective provides students the opportunity to engage in short-term study abroad for academic credit. Each GIE combines timely business issues with applications for conducting business internationally.
    • $100,000 creates a GIE fellowship endowment.
    • $25,000 provides expendable support for five students to participate for one year.
  • Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education (GLOBE): This program brings together three of the world’s best business schools – UNC Kenan-Flagler, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Copenhagen Business School – to provide BSBA students a premier business education that spans the globe.   
    • $100,000 creates a partial GLOBE scholarship endowment.
    • $25,000 provides expendable support for five students to participate for one year.
    • $120,000 creates an endowment to support two students each year.
  • Global Learning Immersion Programs, See & Explore (GLIMPSE): This program features a 10-day immersive experience in an international market. Destinations are focused on globally relevant centers of industry and commerce, often in developing economies.  

Human Capital

Our success relies heavily on attracting the highest quality students. Fellowship and scholarship support are essential to attracting the best and brightest people.
  • MBA Fellowships: Fellowship support considers academic distinction, personal qualities and work experience.  
    • $1 million creates a full-tuition MBA fellowship endowment for an out-of-state resident.
    • $520,000 creates a full-tuition MBA fellowship endowment for an in-state resident.
    • $50,000 provides a one-year expendable full-tuition MBA fellowship for an out-of-state resident.
    • $25,000 provides a one-year expendable full-tuition MBA fellowship for an in-state resident.
    • $10,000 - $200,000 creates a partial-tuition MBA fellowship with varying levels of support.
  • BSBA Assured Admit Program: Each year a small group of first-year students are selected for assured admission to the undergraduate business program.
    • $2.5 million creates a scholarship endowment that will provide a four-year scholarship to an incoming first year out-of-state student each year.
    • $700,000 creates a scholarship endowment that will provide a four-year scholarship to an incoming first year in-state student each year.
    • $100,000 provides expendable scholarship support for one out-of-state student over his or her four-year undergraduate career.

Technology and Infrastructure

State-of-the-art facilities, analytical software and ever-evolving technology ensure we are providing the most cutting-edge business education to our students.
  • Capital Markets Lab: The lab provides leading-edge research for financial industry managers and scholars with real-time access to financial tools used on Wall Street today.
    • $1 million names the Capital Markets Lab.
    • $500,000 names the Capital Markets Lab conference room.  
    • $125,000 supports annual expenses for the Capital Markets Lab, including subscriptions to Bloomberg, FactSet, Morningstar Direct, EnCorr and Pertrac.
  • Rizzo Conference Center Expansion: This new building will enable us to educate increased numbers of rising executives on the grounds of the historic DuBose house.
    • $10 million names the new building.
    • $2 million names a classroom or guest wing.
    • $2 million names a large tiered classroom.
    • $500,000 names the Fitness Center, Executive Board Room, multi-purpose classroom or banquet space.
    • $500,000 names the executive lounge.

Academic Programs

UNC Kenan-Flagler’s programs, conferences, centers and institutes solidify our ability to deliver the highest quality education and research in addition to inclusion of industry experts.
  • Research Impact Conferences: Focusing on global outlook and international expertise, these conferences sustain and grow UNC Kenan-Flagler’s global reputation and ranking.
    • $1 million creates an endowment to support an annual conference.
    • $50,000 provides an expendable gift sponsoring one conference.
  • Centers and Institutes: These areas provide educational programming and research on a number of specific business topics.
    • $8 million creates an endowment to name the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, which through world renowned programs, teaches students the analytical skills to recognize opportunities while developing the people skills to tap into a broader entrepreneurial network.
    • $8 million creates an endowment to name the Center for the Integration for Marketing and Sales, which provides a Sales education to students throughout the school unique to top business schools nationwide.
    • $8 million creates an endowment to name the Family Enterprise Institute, which educates the next generation of family business leaders by synthesizing and presenting programs influenced by leading industry experts.

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