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Thought Leadership

Preparing for the Future of Work

Businessman wearing headphones sitting in front of a laptop and waving into the webcam during a virtual meeting.

UNC Executive Development provides innovative and powerful lifelong learning opportunities for organizations.

“Investing in your professional development is always important and can’t be put on pause in these uncertain times,” says Dave Roberts of UNC Executive Development.

To continue to address these needs, UNC Executive Development is offering live, virtual programs this spring:

  • Building Resilience: Success in high-pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover and remain energized. This program allows you to learn in the flow of work while changing how you respond to and perform under pressure.
  • Inclusive Leadership: Organizations are operating in increasingly global and diverse settings. This program equips you to leverage differences as a catalyst for creative breakthroughs and organizational success.
  • Storytelling to Influence and Inspire: In today’s dynamic world, it’s hard to craft any message that successfully competes for attention and create connection. This program teaches you how to cut through “informational noise” to drive impact.
  • Intentional Leadership: As leaders become more experienced, overreliance on past strengths and approaches can inhibit growth and effectiveness. This program reveals self-limiting habits and perspectives to allow for a more connected, purposeful and rewarding experience of leadership.

“We have a track record of collaborating with individuals and organizations around the world using research-backed, practical approaches,” Roberts says.

These virtual programs address challenges that business leaders and clients identified as especially important during the pandemic.

They feature UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School faculty members Sreedhari Desai, Elizabeth Dickinson, and Heidi Shultz, and affiliate faculty members Dane Jensen of Third Factor and Mike Whitehead of the Center for Intentional Leadership.