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Ready to Launch Solutions

Leaders need to build trust, think strategically, and lead effectively. 

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Today’s leaders face an environment that is complex, uncertain, and the pace of change has only accelerated. Leaders need to be able to navigate ambiguity, solve problems, and achieve business results — all while being an empathetic and inclusive leader that can adapt to, anticipate, and drive change and innovation. In order to grow business in this environment, organizations need to develop leaders of the future.

Effective leaders are able to lead their teams and successfully navigate the business challenges of today while preparing for tomorrow’s unknowns. They have a combination of critical leadership skills and a relentless resourcefulness that allows them to succeed in any environment.

UNC Executive Development has developed four ready-to-launch cohort-based solutions that are designed to focus on the key skills and behaviors your leaders need to not only be successful in today’s environment, but to be prepared to lead your organization into the future. 

Each learning solution is a hybrid design that includes (2) virtual sessions and a (3-day) residential experience. Both virtual and face-to-face sessions include interactive learning such as small group discussions, experiential activities, structured reflection, relevant exercises, and practical application.

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