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Organizations are operating in increasingly global and diverse settings, combining employees, peers, managers, and customers with very different backgrounds and experiences. When this diversity isn’t harnessed effectively, significant harm can be done to workplace relationships and business performance. Inclusive Leadership equips you to navigate diverse settings to leverage differences as a catalyst for creative breakthroughs and organizational success. You will learn how to become a more inclusive leader by developing awareness and understanding of self and others, leading challenging discussions, driving change, inspiring people to innovate and deal with uncertainty, and engaging with others on difficult topics.


  • Implement knowledge of how individual backgrounds, identities, and thought processes affect relationships, decision-making, and organizational habits
  • Evaluate aspects of your own identity and personal experiences that shape how you interact and engage with others – and how they interact and engage with you
  • Cultivate more effective working relationships across differences
  • Apply inclusive leadership principles to common workplace issues
  • Assist both represented and underrepresented groups in better understanding, managing, and addressing inclusive leadership-related matters