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Open Enrollment Programs

Big Data and Business Analytics

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    Tuition: $4,500

    Big Data is transforming the business landscape, as companies tap into increasingly broad varieties of structured and unstructured data with greater speed and sophistication.  The data revolution has enabled companies to drive innovation, discover valuable new insights, optimize processes, and make better, more informed decisions.

    This three day Big Data and Business Analytics program will help you sharpen your analytical skills and gain a deeper understanding of the business implications of Big Data.









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  • This Big Data and Business Analytics program is for high-potential, mid- and senior-level managers or directors who:

    • Have a minimum of five years of experience
    • Need to understand Big Data and its business implications
    • Want to use data analytics to drive business
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  • After completing the Big Data and Business Analytics program, you will:

    • Understand the role of business analytics and how it can enhance the quality of decision making in modern organizations.
    • Improve your ability to view business processes and relationships systematically and analytically.
    • Explore practical examples of companies using business analytics in real world decision making to drive value.
    • Gain a basic understanding of the key analytic tools and techniques and their applications for effective decision making.
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  • The UNC Big Data and Business Analytics program incorporates the following key concepts:

    What is Big Data and Why Do We Care?

    • Introduction to the concept of Big Data and data revolution
    • How technology is driving volume, variety, and velocity of data
    • Why Big Data important and how firms can compete on analytics
    • Key learning and best practices from organizations successful in harnessing Big Data
    • Identifying opportunities to leverage Big Data and overcoming the common challenges to success

    An Introduction to Business Analytics

    • Translating business problems into information needs
    • Identifying source of data and understanding the process of data collection
    • Characteristics of different types of data
    • Applying backward induction to solve business problems; starting with the challenge and working backwards to develop the solution

    Using Business Analytics to Make Better Decisions

    • Visualization:  Case for visual representation of the data
    • Association:  Simplifying the problem through identifying patterns in the data
    • Causation: Understanding the concept of cause and effect

    Integrating Business Analytics with Your Strategy

    • Challenges in implementing analytical techniques in your organization - organizational, cultural, and social concerns
    • How the use of Big Data and business analytics can transform your organization - charting direction for the future
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  • The Big Data and Business Analytics program will feature esteemed members of the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School faculty. Listed below is a sample of the faculty and topics that are typically included in this program:

    Tarun Kushwaha, PhD is an assistant professor of marketing interested in teaching the use of quantitative and analytical tools for marketing decision making, especially in topics as marketing engineering, marketing research, and CRM.

    Adam Mercereau, PhD is an associate professor of operations who teaches operations management, statistics, and decision modeling at UNC Kenan-Flagler.

    Brad Staats, PhD is an associate professor of operations who examines how organizations can improve their operational performance in order to build a generative competitive advantage.

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  • The Big Data and Business Analytics program is held at the Rizzo Center, our world-class facility in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The Rizzo Conference Center was designed to foster executive management education and is wired for business so we can integrate new technologies into our teaching methodologies.

    This program can be delivered to individual teams or business units, either at our facilities in North Carolina or anywhere in the world. This program can also be customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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  • Below you will find links to additional information on the Big Data and Business Analytics open enrollment program:

    Program Brochure for the Big Data and Business Analytics program

    Sample Schedule for the Big Data and Business Analytics program

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