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Maital Guttman

Maital Guttman


MBA 2013

Born in:


Raised in:

North Carolina

"The UNC Kenan-Flagler experience extends beyond the two years at school, and instead is a lifelong community. "


McKinsey & Co.


I studied at Duke University and majored in International Area Studies, with a concentration in the Middle East. After college, I founded a documentary film production company and traveled around the world to tell personal stories of hope, including a woman living with HIV in South Africa, eighteen year olds entering the army in Israel, and a revitalized Jewish community in Moldova.

Career Goals

My dream is to work with entrepreneurial businesses, non-profits and governments to find business solutions to some of the world's social and economic problems, particularly in my home country of Israel. I believe a career in strategic consulting can help develop my skills and position me in a place to make some sort of positive impact on the world.

Why I chose UNC Kenan-Flagler

I chose UNC for a few reasons. First, I was impressed by the school's dedication to each student's success. When I came to visit, I was amazed not only to have engaging conversations with faculty but that they had read my resume as well. To me, it’s symbolic of the unique and individual attention each student gets to create her own MBA, all while being part of a community. Second, I appreciated the hard workings but laid back culture at UNC Kenan-Flagler. We are at a top university with the best professors, and we know how to enjoy beautiful Chapel Hill.

My experience of the MBA program at UNC

I have loved my time at UNC Kenan-Flagler! I have been most impressed by the people at the school - we come from different backgrounds, countries and careers and yet built a unified caring and supportive community. I am also amazed by how many opportunities there are here for a student to be involved, exercise leadership and give back to the community. Whether traveling to China and Japan on a global immersion program, leading a STAR consulting project for a local real estate firm, presenting recommendations to the Dean, sitting on a non-profit board, or just enjoying the sunshine with a beer in hand on the quad as the MBA band plays, the experiences at UNC Kenan-Flagler have built my leadership and teamwork skills, my business acumen and my network of life-long friends.

The UNC Kenan-Flagler Network

Joining Kenan-Flagler is joining a global family. The UNC Kenan-Flagler experience extends beyond the two years at school, and instead is a lifelong community. I know that if I ever needed to research a company, look for a job, or even find a restaurant recommendation, I can reach out to an alum and have my questions answered. I am joining a community another only of my 280 classmates, but a network of thousands of impressive, intelligent caring alumni.

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