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Ge Guifarro

Ge Guifarro


Evening MBA Class of 2012


Senior Accountant


Bayer CropScience LP

"I believe an MBA from a top-ranked program will make me more adaptable in the international business world, and it lets my leadership team know that I'm seriously focused on my career."

The Value of A Sense of Humor

“What made me decide to get my MBA? I broke my Xbox.

Not really.

I was ready for the next big challenge. I want to do something that makes a positive impact on people’s lives. I think of an MBA as a tool to help me reach that goal.

I chose UNC because of one particular video clip on their website where the Director said that, to enjoy the program, you need humor and a drive to learn. I stopped considering other programs after I saw that video. I knew right then and there, UNC was the place for me.

Now that I’m in the program, I'm constantly surrounded by the brilliant minds of my professors and classmates, yet all of them are down to earth and easy to work with. Our lively and engaging discussions make driving to class after a long day a whole lot easier.

So if you start to feel pressure, remember to...

Laugh at yourself. When you’re in a top ten program, surrounded by smart people, it’s hard to admit when you’re completely lost! Do it anyway. When I say “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” most of the time I find out I’m not alone. And if I am, I laugh at myself, knowing I’ve just boosted my classmates’ confidence. A little laughter goes a long way.

Enjoy the ride! I compare the program with a roller coaster. You'll experience your ups and downs and at times your world flips upside down. You almost don't know what to expect next. In the end, you'll look back and want to do it all over again!”

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