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Alan Golding

Alan Golding


OneMBA Class of 2012


Resource Manager


World Bank

"As a South-African studying in America, I appreciate how OneMBA gives me an opportunity to share my international perspective while learning about American business culture and practices."

A Unique Perspective

“I grew up in apartheid South Africa and finished school during our transition to democracy. So, I’ve had my share of character-building experiences! After graduating university, I headed up the finance function for South Africa’s largest health insurance company before moving to the U.S. to take up a position at the World Bank. Despite my unique experiences, I realized that if I wanted to be a world-class professional then I needed to sharpen my skills at a world-class institution.

Enter OneMBA – a chance to share ideas with an amazing group of people who, like me, aspire to have a global impact. Because of my background, I’m able to make credible contributions to class discussions about doing business in the developing world. But as much as I have to offer, I get even more from my classmates because they help me understand how to do business in America.

Of course, adding a top-tier MBA program to a full-time job can be a challenge. The key is to have fun while you do it. When you’re enjoying yourself, it’s not a drain. You look forward to the weekly calls and the monthly weekends together. Even accountants need to have fun!

The best thing about OneMBA though is the incredible people you study with. You learn more from the people sitting next to you than from the person at the front of the room. Don’t get me wrong, the faculty is truly amazing, but what you share with your classmates is where the real development occurs.

That’s probably true for most top tier MBA programs. What makes OneMBA special is your classmates come from across the globe. Three weeks into the program you complete your first residency. By the end of that week, you’re getting invitations from your new friends to come visit. That means you have a place to stay – not to mention an abundance of cultural and business knowledge - in France, China, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, Colombia, the Netherlands… When you’re a South African looking for a global MBA in the USA, you can’t do better than that!”

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