United Arab Emirates: Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In this Global Immersion Elective program in the United Arab Emirates, you will learn about and experience firsthand one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East. This region has developed from desert to a dynamic destination in the space of 50 years, a transformation that is both fascinating and inspiring.

The program will focus on the UAE as a hub of development in the Middle East, and will begin with courses in Chapel Hill before moving to in-country visits with multinationals, governmental agencies focused on regional development and cultural sites along with sessions with academic, government and business leaders. Past company visits have included Zayed University, Emirates Airlines and Dubai International Financial Centre.

Your time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi will be characterized by an enormous amount of new experiences, right alongside some oddly familiar ones. You will be rattled, you will be amazed, and you’ll find yourself feeling at home.

The United Arab Emirates strives to serve as a global center of logistics, finance, tourism, energy, shipping and more—but the UAE exists in one of the most precarious regions in the world, facing steep geographical, historical, political and cultural challenges to emerging as a global center.

Exactly as the desert that surrounds it, the UAE embodies constant, swirling change alongside a nearly limitless potential that residents (80 percent of whom are expats) continue to push toward. In this context, you’ll learn to see the region’s continued growth and success through a cultural lens that’s simultaneously thousands of years old and brand new.

This program will challenge you: your energy levels, your abilities to look beyond the mirage, your understanding of what the word “global” means—and what it should mean. This immersion will very likely rank among the most exhausting and amazing weeks of your lives.

This program is led by Dr. Tim Flood, Associate Professor of Management and Corporate Communication. Dr. Flood has led this highly popular program for a number of years.


GPA Requirement: 3.25
Language Prerequisite: None
Class during program (min): None
Language of Instruction: English

Application Dates

Application opens: August 16, 2018
Application deadline: October 4, 2018
Notifications begin: October 4, 2018