View over Santiago de Chile

South America: Chile

This Global Immersion Elective program in Santiago, Chile, focuses on the relationship between business and its social-political context in a rapidly growing, emerging market.

Over the past 50 years, Chile has faced many of the same challenges of other emerging markets: balancing economic liberalism with domestic social interests, promoting the development of modern domestic infrastructure and social services and encouraging the balanced and sustained development of strategically valuable natural resources. In this immersion you will examine how Chile has navigated these three challenges by engaging in discussions with the region’s vibrant business community and economic decision-makers.

You will engage with the lessons of Chile’s growth story that are unique to the region’s natural and cultural resources, compare the opportunities and challenges faced by Chile with those of other emerging markets and develop your broader understanding of the challenges of globalization and development in the 21st century.

A unique feature of this program is a full week of home-stays with local families, giving you the opportunity to build relationships with local residents and gain a more nuanced perspective on life in Chile. Programming includes guided discussions with local hosts and group reflections on these opportunities.

Your classes in Chapel Hill will cover the history, politics and culture of Chile and provide frameworks with which to study economic development and political economy in emerging markets.

In Chile, you will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with a range of local and multinational businesses, policy makers, community members and officials of government agencies. You will also participate in structured cultural learning activities and conversations with local university faculty. During the workweek, you will experience intense, full program days, with activities scheduled from early morning until late afternoon. At least once a day, we will take time to reflect actively on our meetings.

Students are required to participate in all Chapel Hill portions of the program and all in-country activities.

This program is led by Kristin Wilson, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship.


GPA Requirement: 3.25
Language Prerequisite: None (Spanish is helpful.)
Class during program (min): Junior
Language of Instruction: English

Application Dates

Round 2 application deadline: January 17, 2019
Round 2 applicants notification: February 1, 2019