UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School


We require you to present a dissertation proposal as the first formal stage of the dissertation. The dissertation committee must approve the written dissertation proposal.

The dissertation should be a research effort that contributes to a specific area of knowledge.

Its value derives from its contribution to knowledge, from the scholarly manner in which it is organized and presented, and from the demonstrated development of the student's conceptual and research skills.

Sample Dissertations


"Shareholder Taxes and Stock Prices", Jennifer Lynn Blouin, 2004.

"Essays on the Payout Policy of High Technology Firms: Motives for Share Repurchases and the Consequences of Pooling-of-Interests Accounting On Payout Behavior", Maria Nondorf, 2003.

"The Response to a Mandatory Change in Revenue Recognition Policies", Brian Rountree, 2003.

"The Effect of SFAS 121 on Discretion in Asset Impairments", Barbara Grein, 2002.

"Accounting-Based Value Metrics and the Informational Efficiency of IPO Market Prices", Michelle Yetman, 2001.

"Tax Motivated Income Shifting by Tax Exempt Organizations", Robert J. Yetman, 2000.


"Optimal Consumption and Portfolio Choices with Risky Housing and Stochastic Labor Income", Rui Yao, 2002.

"Credit Risk and Liquidation Cost: Effects on Prices of Convertible Bonds", as well as "Conversion and Call Strategies", Paisan Limratanamongkol, 2001.

"Essays on Corporate Finance in Emerging Markets", Karl Lins, 2000.

"An Analysis of Capital Structure and Investment Policies: Evidence from Corporate Diversities", Amy K. Dittmar, 2000.

"Nonlinear Pricing Kernels, Kurtosis Preference, and Evidence from the Cross-Section of Equity Returns", Robert F. Dittmar, 2000.

"Essays on Asset Pricing with Stochastic Discount Factors", Stephane Chretien, 2000.


"Reasoning About Online and Offline Service Experiences: The Role of Domain-Specificity in the Formation of Service Expectations", Namita Bhatnagar, 2003.

"Attention Grabbers: Exploring Automatic Responses to Ad Headlines", Jesper Nielsen, 2003.

"Managing Product Categories", Richard Gooner, 2001.

"Antecedents of Consumer Financing Decisions: A Mental Accounting Model of Revolving Credit Usage", Vanessa Gail Perry, 2000.

Operations, Technology, and Innovation Management

"Navigating Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketspaces: An Empirical Investigation of Seller Competence and Performance", Eve Rosenzweig, 2002.

"Information Integration for Supply Chain Management: An Empirical Investigation of ERP Systems in Manufacturing", Jeffrey Stratman, 2001.

"An Analysis of Dynamic Postponement In A Multimodal Supply Chain", Donald Warsing, 2000.

"A Theory of Product Introduction Under Competition", Gilvan C. Souza, 2000.

"Information in Supply Chain Management of Perishables", Michael E. Ketzenberg, 2000.

Organizational Behavior

“The Usefulness or Uselessness of Novelty: Re-Examining Assumptions about the Relationship between Creativity and Innovation.” Tina L. Juillerat, 2010.

“Affective Influences in Person-Environment Fit Theory: Exploring the Role of Affect as both Cause and Outcome of P-E Fit,” Kang Yang Trevor Yu, 20007.

“An Examination of Social Influence Effects on Commitment to Change and Implementation Behaviors,” Lisa Mali Jones 2007.

“The Moving Window of Fit: Extending Person-Environment Fit Research with Time,” Abbie J. Shipp, 2006.

“Performance Oriented Cross-Cultural Management Research: Examining the Impact of National Culture on the Practice-Performance Relationship,” Todd Jack Weber, 2006.


"The Inertia of Innovation: Temporal Routines for Generational Product Innovation in Computer Software", Scott Turner, 2003.

"A Portfolio of Decision Processes: Rationality in Capital Investments Under Perceptions of Risk and Uncertainty", Todd Alessandri, 2002.

"Towards a Theory of Organizational Knowledge Management Capabilities", Andrew Gold, 2002.

"A Contingency Model of Knowledge and Learning in Organizations", Paul Friga, 2002.

"Business-Level Strategies for Online Brokerage and Booksellers: A Return to Management Fundamentals", Jennifer Oetzel, 2002.

"Organizational Inertia Within the U.S. Personal Computer Industry: Attributes Related to the Adoption of Internet Direct Sales Channels Between 1996 and 1999", Warren Ritchie, 2002.

"Privatization and Firm Performance: The Effects of Private Ownership and Competition on the Post-Privatization Performance of Formerly State-Owned Enterprises", Tibordee Wattanakul, 2002.

"Acquisition of Knowledge and Knowledge of Acquisitions", Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi, 2001.

"The Regulation and Meaning of Joint Venture Terminations", Jeffrey B. Kaufmann, 2000.