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Significant advantages academically, socially and professionally

Man and woman at whiteboardUpon completing my online business certificate with UNC Business Essentials, I have used the practical and interpersonal skills that the program teaches on numerous occasions. From a classroom in Athens, Greece, to an internship in New York City, I have put my new understanding of business into practice through a variety of means.       

 This past summer, I interned at WNYC Studios, the podcasting branch of New York Public Radio. Working in the digital marketing department, my daily responsibilities included conducting market – or listener – research, producing promotional content, and measuring the intended effects of outreach strategies.

Having just completed the marketing and business distribution modules of UNC Business Essentials, I was able to jump right into these high-level tasks. My understanding of market research, distribution models and supply chains proved invaluable throughout the summer. Because of the knowledge I learned in UNC Business Essentials, I was not merely editing video, creating graphics and writing copy. Instead, I was acting with purpose, analyzing consumer insights and moving forward with proven strategies to increase engagement and return on investment.

UNC Business Essentials helped shape me into an efficient and effective intern at WNYC and, as a result, my colleagues viewed me as a reliable and competent team member. These professional relationships quickly transitioned into personal friendships. Now, out of the work environment and back to my education, these bonds have added yet another dimension to my career trajectory. As I begin the search for internships for this upcoming summer, I do not hesitate to provide my previous colleagues at WNYC as references in any and all applications.

On a micro-level, UNC Business Essentials has proven just as effective. Currently studying abroad in Athens, I am taking a Greek politics class that discusses the role of the European Union in the country’s current financial crisis. While this subject matter is well outside of my field of study, UNC Business Essential’s economics module has imparted me with the background needed in order to participate in and understand in-depth debates around such issues. In short, UBE has provided me an entry point –a thorough baseline knowledge – to engage in conversations around economics, finance and business.

UNC Business Essentials is not just an online business course – it is not a certificate that merely serves as a line on a resume. It teaches practical and relevant concepts and skills that give students significant advantages academically, socially and professionally. I am proud to say that I use and rely on that invaluable knowledge nearly every day and will certainly continue to do so in the years to come.    

By Colby Kirkpatrick (BA ‘19)