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Preconceived notions

Before I arrived at UNC, whenever someone asked me what I wanted to study, I always answered “journalism” followed by “I’m not good with numbers.” Math and science were my weakest subjects throughout high school and I was ready to study something in college that involved more writing and creativity.

Coming to college, I assumed business fell into the same category as math and science. Accounting, economics and finance sounded numbers-oriented and tough. So when I started my first year at UNC and it seemed as if every single freshman was saying they were “pre-business,” I was a little shocked. Wasn’t the business major extremely competitive and challenging?

For me, applying to UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School was out of the question, and so was taking any sort of business class. However, as I got deeper into my advertising major, I noticed there was more of a connection between journalism and business than I had thought. My advertising classes compared advertising with marketing, and I took a business journalism class that offered insight as to how the journalism and business worlds affected each other. By second semester of sophomore year, I had a new-found interest for business.

When I heard about UNC Business Essentials (UBE), the curriculum seemed like the perfect fit. Targeted towards non-business majors, UBE offered me the chance to learn from UNC Kenan-Flagler professors without ever having to actually apply and be accepted into the Undergraduate Business Program. It provided me with the opportunity to learn valuable business skills that would give me the upper hand in school, job interviews and life, in general.

I also chose UBE for its simpler, online format. The ability to take the course whenever and wherever I wanted was ideal. And, while I knew numbers would be involved, I also knew the program was targeted towards students like me who just wanted to learn the basics of business subjects. And the marketing module especially interested me as an advertising major.

Having completed the program, I now understand that business isn’t just equations and formulas, rather it involves creative aspects like building a brand and reaching target audiences through marketing tactics.

I entered college with no intentions of taking a business course due to my preconceived notions about the subject. However, UBE provided me with both new business knowledge and a changed perspective on what business is all about.

By Claire Hart (BA ’19)