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Position yourself for career success

Executive Development - UNC Kenan-Flagler Business SchoolWhat’s the best thing you can do to position yourself for success?

Never stop learning.

Executive training programs offer tremendous benefits that can help accelerate your career. In just a few days, our programs will help you become a better problem-solver, a more effective communicator and a more impactful leader.

Our open enrollment leadership programs – led by world-class UNC Kenan-Flagler faculty – incorporate action-based learning, business simulations and case studies to deliver memorable and transformational educational experiences.

Whether you’re a young professional or a seasoned executive, we’ve got a program to help you advance your career and achieve your goals.

What do you want to accomplish? 

I want to… 


   Take the next step in my career

Our Executive Development Institute offers insights into leadership, management, innovation and strategy. Our world-class faculty have the business experience and professional acumen to teach you the essential tools, focus and knowledge needed to become a strategic leader and advance your career.

Bonus: Learning alongside participants from a variety of industries means you’ll make valuable connections and expand your network.

Length: 5 days
Best for: High-potential mid-level managers or directors with a minimum of five years of experience
Led by*: Atul Nerkar, Sridhar Balasubramanian (“Dr. B”), Mabel Miguel, Wendell Gilland, Alison Fragale and more

    Become a more effective leader

To maximize your leadership strengths, you must first understand your own leadership style. Our Leadership Effectiveness Workshop will help you discover and hone the qualities that are essential to being a great leader on a professional and personal level.

Length: 3 days
Best for: Business professionals who currently serve in (or aspire to) a leadership role.
Led by*: Mabel Miguel and Ben Rosen

    Become a better negotiator

Our Negotiation Skills for Effective Managers workshop will help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator. Working with other participants will give you the opportunity to practice important techniques and enhance your skills to become more effective in your daily interactions with others.

Length: 2 days
Best for: Mid-level managers through executives
Led by*: Alison Fragale

    Unlock my leadership potential

Our Women in Business: Transitioning to Leadership program will prepare you to successfully navigate the transition from managing to leading. Alongside other women professionals, you’ll hone decision-making and negotiating skills that will help amplify your impact as a leader and empower you to take your career to the next level.

Length: 3 days
Best for: Mid-to-senior level professional women
Led by*: Heidi Schultz, Mabel Miguel, Alison Fragale, Shimul Melwani and Sreedhari Desai

    Improve my strategic planning and business decision making skills

Our Strategic Planning and Business Decision Making program will equip you with the advanced skills needed to excel as a multifaceted leader in today’s dynamic business world. You’ll examine real-world business scenarios of companies that succeeded or failed in the strategic planning process and leave with a strategic planning template that has stood test of time for mid-sized companies.

Length: 3 days
Best for: Senior company officers, senior-level functional officers, business owners and high-potential mid-level managers with a minimum of five years of experience
Led by*: Atul Nerkar, Scott Rockart and Sreedhari Desai

    Influence, inspire and motivate others

Truly gifted leaders are effective communicators who project confidence, vision, integrity, courage and perseverance. Our Developing Leadership Presence program will enhance your self-awareness and ability to connect with others in an authentic, meaningful way.

Length: 2 days
Best for: All experience levels
Led by*: Heidi Schultz

    Understand the numbers and financial well-being of my organization

If you’ve ever spent hours trying to make sense of financial reporting data, our Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers program is for you. You’ll learn the managerial and financial accounting skills needed to define and measure your company’s financial performance, equipping you to make more informed, effective business decisions.

Length: 3 days
Best for: Mid-level managers through executives with little or no training in financial reporting and analysis
Led by*: John Hand

    Be prepared to effectively manage change

Change is the only constant in life – and it’s necessary for organizations to survive. Our Leading and Managing Change program incorporates real-world experiences and extensive research from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School to teach you how to make informed decisions on organizational change strategy.

Length: 3 days
Best for: High-potential mid-level managers or directors with a minimum of five years of experience
Led by*: Mike Christian, Chris Bingham and Sreedhari Desai

    Make better informed decisions that will drive business

The Big Data revolution has enabled companies to drive innovation, discover valuable insights, optimize processes and make better, more informed decisions. Our Big Data and Business Analytics program will help you understand the business implications of big data and teach you how to use these analytics to drive business.

Length: 3 days
Best for: High-potential mid- and senior-level managers or directors with a minimum of five years of experience
Led by*: Tarun Kushwaha, Adam Mersereau and Brad Staats

    Overcome stress, avoid burnout and become a more resilient leader

The modern business landscape is increasingly complex, demanding and stressful. Our Resilient Leadership program will equip you with skills, tools and techniques to manage stress, set priorities and avoid burnout, preparing you to tackle the challenges of leading in the “new normal.”

Length: 3 days
Best for: High-potential mid-level managers, directors and senior executives
Led by*: Shimul Melwani, Matt Pearsall and Mike Christian

    Effectively manage my sales team to optimize the bottom line

Driving and sustaining results from a sales team can be a difficult task, especially in a global market that is becoming increasingly competitive. Our Sales Management program provides the knowledge, skills and experience needed to be an effective sales manager as well as tools and frameworks to better manage your organization’s sales force.

Length: 3 days
Best for: High-potential mid to senior level sales managers, directors and senior executives
Led by*: Dave Roberts

*These faculty have led past programs and/or are currently scheduled to lead upcoming sessions.