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UNC's Pandemic Flu Plan

What has UNC-Chapel Hill done to prepare for pandemic flu?

A plan is in place for the campus.

The University has an emergency plan to respond to a potential pandemic flu outbreak. Emergency employees have been identified across campus and informed by their supervisors. Read more about how UNC-Chapel Hill has prepared for pandemic flu at:

A plan is in place for the business school.

The business school also has an emergency plan as part of the campus plan to respond to a potential pandemic flu outbreak:

These are actions that might be taken.

  • Based on information and instructions from local, state and other officials, University officials are prepared to issue instructions based on the level of emergency. In some cases, decisions might be made by public health or state officials.
    • Employees might continue to come to work. They might be provided with instructions about precautions to take. Or employees might be asked to work from home for some period of time.
    • Public events might be canceled or curtailed.
    • If a severe outbreak occurred, on-campus classes might be suspended for 7 to 10 weeks. The goal would be to make the decision early in order to allow students in campus housing to return to a less risky home environment. Some students and student families might remain in Chapel Hill because of international travel restrictions or difficulties with travel. Or they might stay in Chapel Hill because they do not have another suitable living option.
  • The Orange County Health Department has designated the UNC-Chapel Hill campus as a site for mass vaccination in the event of a public health emergency.

You may call the campus hotline for more information if a pandemic occurs.

Recorded information from UNC-Chapel Hill will also be available at the emergency hotline (919) 843-1234.

How will UNC-Chapel Hill coordinate with national or international organizations?

The World Health Organization (WHO) monitors infections around the world. WHO issues alerts when needed to let states know to watch for cases locally. Healthcare facilities follow procedures to identify and limit the spread of infections. UNC Chapel-Hill will use information from these and other expert sources like the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to help protect its students, employees and area residents.

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