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UNC Business Essentials helps with securing an internship

Hands on tableI am always looking for ways to develop myself professionally to prepare for my job search as I get closer to graduating from college. With a schedule full of academic commitments and extracurriculars, it is not easy to find time for these opportunities. With UNC Business Essentials (UBE), I developed useful skills and knowledge, but on my own time

I am a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill majoring in economics and global studies with a minor in entrepreneurship. I have aspirations of working in the business world, particularly in banking or technology. I needed to gain basic business skills and an understanding of concepts that would help me to pursue my career goals. My schedule is packed with classes that are relevant and required for my majors, but leave me with no room to take additional classes at the UNC Kenan-Flagler.

I searched for other ways to learn business concepts in a way that fit my schedule – and UBE was the solution. I formed a strong foundation of business concepts with the flexibility that my schedule needed. I completed UBE during the summer of 2017 prior to starting my junior year. This was a crucial time for me to do the program because at the end of the summer and throughout the fall, I was vigorously searching for an internship for the summer of 2018. I wanted to prepare for networking and interviews, especially since I was pursuing opportunities primarily in banking.

Throughout the fall, I had numerous interviews with various companies and I cannot count how many times I used information gained from the UBE online program during interviews and networking sessions. UBE gave me the confidence to discuss topics that are relevant to the industry and companies I interviewed with, being able to use and understand business terms in interviews and information sessions.

Having the flexibility of completing UBE on my own time outside of my busy schedule allowed me to prepare for my internship search. I secured an internship as a business analyst with Bank of America, and I am thankful for UBE in serving as one of the crucial tools that helped me get this opportunity.

By Alexander Bianchi (BA ’19)