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Realizing potential with help from UNC Business Essentials

Team of hands and tableAs a second-semester junior, I’m constantly bombarded by friends and family asking about my plans for the summer. The pressure to land that “perfect job” is on. A little over a year from now, I’ll be forced into the real world, where having a well-paying, stable job is a necessity. Having the opportunity to turn this summer’s internship into a potentially permanent career is crucial.

Before completing UNC Business Essentials, I had a “fake it ‘til you make it attitude” towards the internship/job search process. Was I good at networking and forming relationships with other students, alumni, and interviewers? Yes. Could I finagle myself a job through connections? Yes. Did I know the first thing about how a business actually works? No.

This past summer, I interned as a writer for Charlotte Agenda; a local online digital newsletter. The small office space and my friendly personality allowed me to quickly get to know the staff, including the CEO, extremely well. Before I knew it, I was cracking jokes and attending happy hour with the team. Meanwhile, I was completing a little bit of UBE each night when I got home. I found myself more and more engaged with the business side of things at the Charlotte Agenda because of the modules I’d been learning for UBE. At happy hour, I chimed in on business strategies, marketing techniques, and other ways to move the company forward. I asked questions about how the company got started, how they maintain their social media presence, and what strategies they use for partnerships.

Talking strategy with my co-workers while simultaneously completing the UBE modules resulted in my new-found interest for the business side of things at the Charlotte Agenda. Not only was I interested, but knowledgeable and ready to take on more of a business role.

Although I came in as an article writer, I left the Agenda a business-oriented journalist. While my existing skills in communication and writing helped me attain the actual internship, UBE helped develop my skills so that I could get more involved in the business side of things. Completing the online program while interning helped me realize I don’t want to be confined to simply writing stories. Rather, my passion lies within a combination of journalism and business. Going forward, I now feel confident in pursuing a career in marketing, business operations, or anything else that might come along, and speaking about those subjects in an interview.

All of that being said, I’m excited to announce I’ve finally landed that “perfect job” for this summer. I’ll be working as a marketing intern at “Call-Em-All,” a telecommunications company in Dallas, TX. Thanks to business skills learned from UBE, I’ve realized my potential as a marketing specialist– and so have my potential employers.

Claire Hart, Advertising ‘19