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How UNC Business Essentials helped me become more global

Women with spreadsheetI first heard about UNC Undergraduate Business Essentials from my mom while I studying abroad at the National University of Singapore. A letter was sent to my house about the benefits of the UBE program. My mom read me the letter and immediately I was convinced—this is a program that I can do at my own pace and provide me with skills that are beneficial anywhere across the globe.

I actually chose to start my online classes towards the end of my study abroad program, since I didn’t have much classwork, and within a few hours of doing the courses I could see how these business skills are transferable across any field, and any country. Being in Singapore, one of the friendliest economies in the world for business, gave me many opportunities to talk to both students and professionals in the field. Through conversations with individuals who had opened their own businesses in the country, or were part of the expanding financial sector, I understood how they were using their business knowledge to help their companies to grow on the other side of the world!

Through these conversations, and my time abroad, I witnessed how the material I was learning through Kenan-Flagler were impacted by cultures and customs, and used my international experience to really understand the value in developing these business skills. So while business may differ in some ways across the world, having an understanding of business principles will be an asset no matter where you are.

Since returning to UNC, I have realized I want global career. UBE has provided me with the business foundation that will benefit me in any country I land in. I now have a strong skillset that will help me gain the international exposure that I crave and I am currently planning to study abroad again. I can’t wait to put my UBE knowledge to the test in new, unknown territory!

Ally Daws, Economics & Global Studies, ‘19