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Finding a career I am passionate about

Finding a CareerUNC Business Essentials has shaped my career goals by helping me narrow down what exactly I am interested in doing after I graduate – a daunting decision for any college student.

I’ve always known that I would be interested in a career in a business-related field, but prior to UBE I wasn’t quite sure the scope of business and the different types of careers that you could hold in it.

Through UBE I discovered specific aspects of business that interest me. I realized that I love operations, but not so much accounting. I am interested in marketing, but not finance.

Having this opportunity to discover what interests me, before I enter the job market, has been incredibly beneficial in helping me find a career that I will be passionate about. I also realized that I can apply my other interests to a career in business.

The UBE program provides real-world examples of business across various industries and applications. No matter what your future career goals might be, this certificate program provides valuable skills that will benefit you in any field or position.

I now have a clearer image of what my future career could hold and I know that this certificate will not only make me stand out to employers, but also set me up for success. The skills I formed through this certificate program have not only shaped my future career plans, but provided me with the skills necessary to achieve them.

By Ally Daws