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Benefiting from UNC Business Essentials

Before starting the UNC Business Essentials program (UBE), I was slightly apprehensive about the effectiveness of online instruction. In high school, I took an online U.S. history course and struggled to find motivation to get the work done. Perhaps it was because I never met with my instructor and I didn’t find the tasks engaging. I did well, but felt like I had to use all my energy to concentrate on the tasks and absorb the material.

I’m definitely a hands-on learner. I like to get involved in the task at hand, figuring out which parts of the process come easily and which I don’t quite understand. I enjoy forming relationships with my instructors and working through examples to put specific skills in context.

To my surprise, the online UBE certificate is offered in a straightforward and engaging format. The content easy to follow and the assignments very applicable to the material I learned.

The tutors were always readily available to assist us. While the interaction between students and the tutors was virtual, they replied to comments and questions within 24 hours, at most, which helped with my overall understanding of the course. It felt like I had a support system throughout the entire program.

And while I participated in the program, I also was interning multiple days throughout the week, traveling and working. The online format ended up being perfect for me because of its flexibility.

UNC Business Essentials proved itself as an effective online learning experience, incorporating interactive lessons, responsive tutors and allowing students to be flexible while completing the program. In no way did it hinder my ability to absorb the material. I’m glad I gave it a try despite my hesitations.

By Isabella Courtenay-Morris (BA ’19)