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Accountant expands his career with UNC Business Essentials

Financial materials

Jay Patel knows numbers. As he defined his career path in accounting, he wanted to know more about the overall aspects of business such as operations, marketing, and even accounting. He found UNC Business Essentials (UBE) ticked the boxes of what he was looking for: a comprehensive overview of business on a flexible schedule. He could complete UBE entirely online over a four-month period.

“I enrolled in the program at the end of the year and my workload was busy because of year-end deadlines,” he says. “Having that four-month guideline to complete the program allowed me to put together a calendar to determine when I wanted to finish each module. UBE let me be flexible, allowing me to work on the course more when time aligned for it and less when my job required more attention.”

For Patel, the professors and their materials are the standout components of UBE.

“Each professor has their own way of teaching core essentials of their module,” says Patel. “Some work was more challenging for me in areas such as marketing and management, where I don’t have as much experience, but the methodology was there to help me learn it in a way that stuck. The handouts and presentations were also really helpful. I have the handouts from the Business Communication course at my desk and still use them to when I write letters or emails. The ratio handout from the finance section also was really helpful.”

After he completed UBE, Patel added his credentials to his resume and his LinkedIn profile. The results? An expanding professional network and an increase in leads for opportunities as a consultant.

“I’ve had hits on LinkedIn of people adding me that weren’t before,” he says. “I’m also getting inquiries for opportunities I wouldn’t get before because they required further experience. Because of UBE, I have the working knowledge to be nominated for these projects now.”

Patel has recommended UBE to his colleagues and encourages anyone looking to increase their business acumen to consider the program. “UBE has helped me further my career,” he says. “I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the business basics. It’s a really well-done program.”

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