UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
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About Us

Our Vision

  • To be the #1 Action Based Learning program in the world for domestic, global and virtual projects.

Our Mission

  • To provide unique and powerful learning experiences that result in decisive insights for sponsoring organizations.

Our Goals

  • To develop leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills of participating MBA and Undergraduate students by providing a real consulting engagement experience.
  • To attract corporate partners who recruit at UNC and that provide projects that will be valued by recruits.
  • To deliver decisive insights and actionable, fact-based recommendations in scope, on time and with excellence to STAR corporate partners that will significantly improve their organization’s performance.

Our Team

STAR is an action-based learning program with experiential learning projects that give students a real consulting experience while enrolled at Kenan-Flagler.  We love teamwork at STAR and want to introduce our team - all of the faculty, staff and students who support STAR’s success. 

STAR Leadership Team

  • Nick Didow

    Dr. Nick Didow

    Director of STAR
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  • Karin Cochran

    Karin R. Cochran

    Director of STAR
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  • wilk

    Patricia Wilkerson

    STAR Program Manager
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  • Alexa Ilijic

    STAR Program Assistant
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  • Paul Friga

    Paul N. Friga

    Corporate Partner Development
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Faculty Advisors

  • Steve Beisser

    Steve Beisser

    Sector Leader, Healthcare

  • Gary Clinton

    Gary Clinton

    Professor of the Practice Strategy & Entrepreneurship

  • Alex Dickey

    Alex Dickey

    Professor of the Practice

  • Robert Fellows

    Bob Fellows

    Professor of the Practice
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  • Pat Garner

    Patrick Garner

    Professor of the Practice Strategy & Entrepreneurship

  • Wendell Gilland

    Wendell Gilland

    Associate Professor of Operations

  • Chris Gosk

    Chris Gosk

    Professor of the Practice

  • Peter Hare

    Peter Hare

    Professor of the Practice

  • Steve Jones

    Steve Jones

    Professor of Organizational Behavior

  • Claudia Kubowicz Malhotra

    Claudia Kubowicz Malhotra

    Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing

  • Will Kuchta

    Will Kuchta

    Professor of the Practice

  • Tarun Kushwaha

    Tarun Kushwaha

    Associate Professor of Marketing and Sarah Graham Kenan Scholar

  • Dudley Lacey

    Dudley Lacy

    Professor of the Practice

  • Kevin Leibel

    Kevin Leibel

    Professor of the Practice of Strategy & Entrepreneurship

  • Arvind Malhotra

    Arvind Malhotra

    H. Allen Andrew Professor of Entrepreneurial Education and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

  • Shannon McKeen

    Shannon McKeen

    Professor of the Practice

  • Gary McKenna

    Gary McKenna

    Professor of the Practice

  • Stevie McNeal

    Stevie McNeal

    Professor of the Practice

  • Mark McNeilly

    Mark McNeilly

    Professor of the Practice of Marketing

  • Jill Ridkky-Blackburn

    Jill Ridky-Blackburn

    Professor of the Practice

  • Dave Roberts

    David Roberts

    Professor of the Practice of Marketing

  • Markus Saba

    Markus Saba

    Professor of the Practice of Marketing and Executive Director of the Center for the Business of Health

  • Sriram Vekataraman

    Sriram Venkataraman

    Associate Professor of Marketing