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Fall 2017 R.O.I.

ROI Fall 2017

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Luxury cars, big boats and prime real estate
The cost of materialistic CEOs on bank culture and risk management.

An unintended punch line
Leadership humor makes a statement about workplace expectations.

Start up and never stop
Successful IPOs encourage employees to fuel the next wave of startups.

Checking the pulse on health-care staffing
Well-intentioned overtime laws reduce service quality at nursing homes.

A prescription for innovation
Small failures in the pharmaceutical industry are a critical aspect of research and development.

In the bank and in your head
Strengthening your self-confidence could lead to greater financial success.

Through the eyes of the founder
In firms led by their founders, SEC filings tend to be overly optimistic.

The search is on
Bidding and keyword choice strategies help marketers compete in paid-search advertising.

Right on cue
From billing to art, workplace practices can help employees choose right from wrong. 

Money versus management
A new model shows supervisors make the largest impact on employee turnover.

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UNC Kenan-Flagler faculty make an impact on the business and academic communities.

Fall 2016 R.O.I.


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Not to brag
Sharing corporate social responsibility actions isn’t showy – it’s smart.

A welcome departure
New model helps airlines accurately predict takeoff and arrival times.

Crossing borders
Uncovering how brands can thrive in the global market.

Risky business
Aversion to uncertainty affects financial decision-making.

Silver tsunami warning
From policy to products, everything must change for boomers to age in place.

How to nip and tuck costs
Accounting system upgrades help hospitals identify savings.

CMO revival
New research shows CMOs add value to firms’ performance.

The curious case of declining tax rates
A decrease for both multinational and domestic firms over 25 years is discovered.

The right chemistry
Dow Chemical has the formula for improved company learning.

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Professors have an impact the business and academic communities.

Fall 2015 R.O.I.


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The business of saving lives 
Firms can strike a balance between philanthropy and profit.

Safety not guaranteed

The cost of self-service
Higher staff levels can boost profits.

Found in translation
Marketers need to map their strategies to distinct national cultures.

The “I” in “team”
Identifying personal goals can strengthen group performance.

Dealing with demand shocks
Flexibility in the supply chain is more effective than dropping prices.

Raising more than wages
A pay increase could also raise the bottom line.

It’s complicated 
There’s still no fool-proof way to avoid financial crisis.

Keeping it in the family
Family businesses require a shared vision for the future.

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Professors impact the business and academic communities.

Fall 2014 R.O.I.


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That’s sooo last week
Fashion retailer Zara forecasts how to get the right product to the right place at the right time.

Your thoughts can cost you more than just a penny
Financial losses affect your brain and how you think about risk.

The slippery slope is all downhill
Unethical behavior can increase over time.

The media moves the market
Favorable coverage influences the lending market.

Disruptive demographics
Get ready for unprecedented changes that will transform how we work and live.

The deference between us
Co-workers defer to each other as they negotiate their way up the ranks.

What’s buzz got to do with it?
Use social media insights as part of your marketing strategy.

The rules of engagement
Best practices help firms use social media to build their brands.

The view from the glass ceiling
Female leadership lessens the pay gap between men and women.

Fall 2013 R.O.I.

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Investors without borders
Foreign investments in emerging markets make them emerge even faster.

All work and no sleep make Jack a bad boy.
Lack of sleep can lead to poor decisions and deviant behavior.

Evasive maneuvers
Round-tripping: How U.S. investors route their income through offshore tax havens.

Brand breakout
How emerging market brands can go global.

Pain in the assets
Hedge funds don’t cause a financial crisis, but they can make it worse.

Hedge hogs
Why you should pay attention to changes in your ownership base.

It must be true. I read it in the newspaper.
How columnists have historically influenced the market.

Welcome to Startuptown
Why does it matter that startups favor younger workers?

Weather patterns
Paying attention to the weather can give you insights into the market.

Spring 2013 R.O.I.

ROI Cover

A peek behind the curtain
No one has been willing to share private equity data - until now.

Crowdsourcing: Fresh thinking or fad?
Results are encouraging, but long-term effectiveness remains uncertain.

Synergy dependent
When universities and the private sector work together, new ideas fuel economic growth.

Follow the crowd (to see if they’re following you)
They’ll tell you if you’re onto the Next Big Thing.

Think smaller
Microwork brings opportunities to the underemployed and cost-effective labor to businesses.

Collaboration as competitive edge
Working with your competition might make you both stronger.

Connect the dots
The “Dealmaker Algorithm” brings entrepreneurs and market-makers together. 

Media snacking
Consumers find tasty bits of information everywhere, from their televisions to their tablets. 

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Spring 2012 R.O.I.

ROI Spring 2012

Emerging market firms don't have a plan to create the next global brand. They have eight.
First Japan. Then South Korea. Which country will be next?

Great potential. Great peril.
Required: A road map for risk when investing in emerging markets

And the winner of the talent competition is...
Companies that create a genuinely healthy culture reap the rewards.

Look! Up in the sky!
Building aviation infrastructure for competitive advantage

Hungry for a new solution
Supply chain management remains an obstacle to disaster relief.

The soils of raw
Manufacturers must take steps to ensure product safety.

Entering a new marketplace is as easy as 1-3-2
Consider taking the road less traveled.

Learn from churn
The right socialization lets you keep your most valued workers.

I can't see clearly now
Corporate opacity benefits - surprise! - the institutional investor.

Patience is its own reward
Just because others are selling doesn't mean you have to follow the herd.

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Winter 2012 R.O.I.

ROI Winter 2012

Location. Location. Location.
Location impacts corporate income taxes.

Recovery rates and credit crisis
The role credit default probabilities play

First to be last
The long-term benefits of learning more slowly

Rethinking knowledge work
Applying lean principles to increase efficiency

The power of influence
The role social status plays in effective leadership

The importance of post-merger branding
Fusion strategy yields a higher payoff.

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Spring 2011 R.O.I.

ROI Spring 2011

Navigating the commercial paper market
Getting into the short-term financial world without getting burned

If in doubt, ask the expert
Creating a safe environment for employees to seek help

Battle of the brands intensifies
New insights on private-label marketing

Reading between the lines
Econometric model bests Wall Street analysis

Challenging accounting "rules of thumb"
Developing more accurate costing systems

ERP: Plan for a balancing act
Why companies struggle and how to succeed

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Winter 2011 R.O.I.

Competition between rival companies increases the value of employees
The relationship between high-value employees and successful companies is reciprocal.

Marketing with options and forwards
Applying financial options to consumer marketing pays.

The benefits of boomerang employees
Companies should keep their doors open for valued former employees.

Off-shoring evolves
When is it best to outsource? How does the strength of your rivals affect pricing and differentiation?

Bank risk-taking
What is the link between reporting transparency, risk, and regulation?

The power of simpler strategy
Rules of thumb play an important role in effective strategy.

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Spring 2010 R.O.I.

ROI Spring 2010

Give the people what they want: Driving adoption of wireless web services
Businesses run the risk of alienating customers by crossing the line between providing helpful services and intruding.

Don't blame the short sellers
Sometimes the best of intentions have negative consequences.

A dose of reality for today's marketers
In economic downturns, consumers are more likely to turn to private labels.

Retailers' dirty little secret
Inventory discrepancies can cost retailers money in lost sales.

Acting dishonestly in the name of equity
Under what conditions do people act dishonestly to help or hurt others?

In the interest of full disclosure
Issues of transparency and liquidity have taken on particular relevance.

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