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What Graduates of UNC Business Essentials Have to Say about the Program

Graduates of the program report that UNC Business Essentials

helps them at work:

-“Coming from an engineering background, I didn't know much about the business aspect of things. The program really helped me fill in the blanks after I switched from a primarily technical role into operations. Bottom line, it significantly boosted my work performance.” 

-"My experience with UNC Business Essentials was fantastic! The program was stimulating, easy to use, and up to date with real world examples. I have implemented skills learned from the program in both my personal and business life. I would recommend the program to anyone needing a business foundation or a refresher for anyone who already has one."

-"Being able to understand a spreadsheet of revenues and expenses and keep track of money going in and out is a skill set that is highly valued by employers and something that was essential to my success this past summer. I was asked to work on some audits with my summer internship and I felt equipped to do so because of the skills that I had gained from the Business Essentials program."

helps them in interviews:

-"The program proved extremely valuable to me this past year as I interviewed for jobs post-graduation - one interviewer even confused me with being a Business major in Kenan-Flagler. For me, the most beneficial aspect of the course was the introduction and drilling of important business-related vocabulary that often came up in interviews or other professional conversations that I had not been exposed to at that point, which really helped me keep up with the conversation and be able to respond intelligently and effectively."

-”UBE was a fundamental talking point in helping me secure a summer internship in management. For me, UBE is more than a line on my resume. It has given me the confidence, verbiage, knowledge, and practical skills that I need to be successful.”

-“While (UBE's) accessibility and freedom made the program very doable, the quality of the course content was superb, giving me the knowledge and confidence to successfully utilize a broad range of key business concepts in interviews and in practice.”

helps them round out their skill set:

-"The UNC Business Essentials program was a great way for a non-business major like myself, who has very little professional experience, to build a solid knowledge base of important business related topics, such as operations, supply chains, marketing, and communications at a very reasonable pace. Overall, I think the curriculum provides a great opportunity to learn about the core elements of the business world through it's wide variety of examples and effective explanations from the professors."  

-"This was a wonderful introductory program for me, someone who lacked any previous exposure to the teachings of business. I have a strictly science and public health background, and this provided me with more of the business know-how that I was looking to add to enhance my current career skill set. I feel much more conversant when it comes to the concepts of business, and feel as though I have a deeper understanding of the constructs of finance, accounting, marketing, etc."

-“As a non-business major or minor, the opportunity and decision to intern for a large retail company was taking me a bit outside my comfort zone and knowledge base, but working through Business Essentials helped me gain a better perspective and business-minded outlook at work every day.”


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