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Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers

Dates to be Announced

Residential (Chapel Hill, NC)



Most individuals reach a point in their careers when future advancements and promotions are contingent upon developing a new set of crucial skills—among them a strong comprehension of accounting and finance. Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers is an essential primer designed to bridge the gap and develop your financial acumen and acuity. This program equips you with the financial competency to make the best strategic decisions, enabling you and your organization to succeed.


  • Help your organization make smart operating, investing, and financing decisions
  • Speak the language of accounting and finance
  • Create and analyze income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Appreciate how accounting and finance measure value creation or destruction
  • Value a business using the multiples and discounted cash flow methods
  • Apply a framework for organizing financial decisions
  • Interact effectively with your organization’s accounting and finance professionals