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Our learning methods

Our Learning Methods

Our faculty members are experts at guiding participants through a proven process of encountering, testing, and reflecting. First, participants are introduced to new ideas — everything from small yet significant tweaks to radical reinventions. They experiment and test these ideas in the context of their own organizations, ultimately asking: does this make sense for us? That’s followed by time for analyzing, adjusting and creating an action plan. And then? We do it again, with even more new ideas.

This is how we teach because this is how executives really learn.

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Encounter & Engage:

We begin by introducing executives to new – and sometimes strange – ideas. We work to get them emotionally and intellectually engaged with these ideas. Engagement may come from exploring what other companies are doing, or it may come from experiential exercises, customer listening exercises or some other method. It is through this exploration that the executives begin to think differently about a problem or issue.

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Test & Practice:

We then try out the ideas to see if they will work in your context. We use simulations, virtual reality, direct application and action learning projects to test and practice. The goal is to determine if the ideas have value for the organization – if yes, then the executive is ready to begin the process of adoption.

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Integrate Feedback:

People don’t adopt new behaviors simply because it is a good idea. Often, it requires building a new habit – which necessitates a sustained, mindful effort. This means that the busy executive must set aside time for reflection and feedback well after the program is finished. We achieve this by posing provocative questions and asking the executive to jot down his or her thoughts and experiences, by structuring sponsor mentoring, and through professional coaching where appropriate.