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ExecDev Online

ExecDev Online brings individuals and organizations together by creating a common knowledge base, shared language, and human connections in a geographically dispersed population.

We create knowledge that sticks for organizations and leaders.

We recognize that creating and sustaining engagement in a virtual environment is challenging. People are busy; minds are distracted; hands are multi-tasking. The online content must be compelling enough to break through these common and very natural barriers.

That is why we focus on the individual and organization’s entire learning experience – the content, delivery mode, learning methods, and on-the-job application. Through a unique model of learning that bridges the gap between the virtual and physical classroom, participants are challenged to extend their thinking, integrate concepts, and experiment with the ideas in real time.

Our unique partnership with Fortune – a global media organization dedicated to helping its readers, viewers, and attendees succeed big in business through unrivaled access and best-in-class storytelling – provides exclusive access to interviews with C-suite executives who bring to life the tools and frameworks provided in our online content.

Along with this impactful blend of content, leaders who are eager to develop their business expertise are given the flexibility of learning on-demand, at their own pace.

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  • “This learning experience was truly valuable as it was (1) geared toward direct application in industry, (2) based on real experiences, (3) mixed in a wide variety of industries/service/products, and (4) the platform made it extremely easy to work in to my work calendar and catch up if I missed anything (self-paced!!).”
  • “The platform is light years ahead of other platforms.”
  • “The course materials were terrific and I really appreciated the opportunity to participate. It is very user friendly which works great for most non-tech people like myself.”
  • “The training was comprehensive and the bite sized chunks of information helped keep attention.”