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Storytelling to Influence and Inspire

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In today’s dynamic and technology-driven world, it’s hard to craft any message that will successfully compete for attention and create connection. One of the oldest tools of influence in human history, storytelling, can help you succeed in ways that other kinds of communication cannot. Storytelling to Influence and Inspire teaches you how to cut through “informational noise,” whether you need to articulate your vision, generate buy-in, share your brand, offer hope, or sell ideas and products. Strategic storytelling enables you to connect with others in an emotional and memorable way, ensuring that your messages stand out and that you can advance your strategic objectives.


  • Apply the power of storytelling as a communication tool
  • Leverage the storytelling framework to craft meaningful messages
  • Develop and deliver stories that drive your organizational objectives forward
  • Craft and share stories that communicate your professional brand
  • Incorporate stories in the workplace to increase your influence and drive engagement