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Intentional Leadership

(Chapel Hill, NC)

Spring 2023:

  • April 12-14, 2023

Fall 2023:

  • October 18-20, 2023


$5,600 Residential


As leaders become more experienced, overreliance on past strengths and approaches can limit growth and effectiveness. Intentional Leadership® reveals self-limiting habits and perspectives to allow for more connected, more purposeful and a more rewarding experience of leadership. This is a transformational development experience that expands your effectiveness and will influence the growth and direction of your organization. This program will challenge the way you think about your professional and personal life and ultimately create new ways of thinking and behaving to achieve powerful results.



  • Shift your mindset to create new opportunities
  • Eliminate performance barriers and expand your natural leadership strengths
  • Empower others to contribute their talent, perspective, and passion to your organization’s vision and values
  • Build engagement, trust, and morale
  • Create mutually beneficial, effective relationships
  • Increase versatility and effectiveness
  • Manage energy for a higher quality of life and peak performance


About the Center for Intentional Leadership: The Center for Intentional Leadership is a consulting firm committed to the development of leaders, teams, and organizational cultures. The firm’s approach is centered in the assertion that high performing organizations are the product of a compelling purpose, effective leaders, engaged and committed employees, and a clear, aligned focus on results. Clients of the firm range from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, as well as non-profit, municipal, and civic organizations.

Intentional Leadership