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Starting a New Club

Step 1

Contact Alumni Affairs at 919.962.3596

We'll provide you with:

  • Contact information for all KFBS alumni in the area
  • Assistance with a regional survey
  • Possible support grant to help with events and club leadership meetings
  • Special link from the alumni affairs web site to the chapter Web site to the chapter Web site (each club creates and maintains its own website)

Check out the Alumni Club Type Chart to determine what type of club you will be starting

Step 2

Identify a core group of 3 to 6 energetic alumni who might be willing to serve as leaders for the club.

Remember - one person CAN NOT do it all!

Step 3

  • Survey alumni in your area to determine their level of interest, the types of events they want to attend, and if they would like to help start and/or run the chapter
  • Review the survey results

Step 4

  • Select a date for the first organizational meeting
  • Select officers and committee members
  • Establish specific roles and general guidelines for the club
  • The basic framework consists of a minimum of 3 officers and committee members
  • A two-year term of office is suggested: enough time to get some work done, not long enough to burn out

Step 5

  • Define your chapter's objectives (use your survey results as a guide)
  • Identify the Key Performance Indicators which correspond to your objectives
  • Identify key individuals who will track the necessary data to gauge the performance of your chapter

Step 6

  • Notify KFBS Alumni Affairs of actions taken at the first meeting and provide a list of the leaders chosen to lead the club
  • Have the webmaster list club leaders and contact information for the club

Step 7

  • Set your calendar of events based on your chapter objectives
  • Plan a kick-off event
  • Review Event Planning section for necessary steps to plan your events
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