UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
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Meet Our Alumni


Susan Easley

MBA 2002

Title: Brand Manager

Company: Kraft Foods, New Jersey

"Kenan-Flagler shaped me as a leader in that I think it helped me to be even more collaborative, while being willing to take a tough stand."

Christian Robinson

MBA 2011

Born in: Ft. Gordon, Georgia

"I am excited about the resources here at UNC Kenan-Flagler such as the Applied Investment Management class, Capital Markets Lab and Investment Management club to help me prepare for a position within a portfolio management capacity."

Nathan Fox

MBA 2004

Title: Brand Manager

Company: Procter & Gamble, Cincinatti

"Kenan-Flagler is really about collaborating, working together. And I think that atmosphere at UNC has translated really well for me to my career at P & G."

Michele Buck

MBA 1987

Title: President and CEO

Company: The Hershey Company, Pennsylvania

"UNC Kenan-Flagler has opened doors throughout my life."

D. Keith Pigues

MBA 1993

Title: Dean

Company: School of Business, North Carolina Central University

"I have found that what I gained from UNC Kenan-Flagler's focus on leadership has been the most valuable and enduring benefit I received."

Hollis Rucker

MBA 2006

Title: Experienced Commercial Leadership Program

Company: GE Aviation, Cincinnati

""Before I went to UNC Kenan-Flagler, I just felt like I was a passenger in the car that was driving my career. Now I feel like I'm in the driver's seat.""

Tracy (Commerson) Ely

MBA 2003

Title: Marketing director, Centocor Ortho Biotech Products

Company: Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals division

"The reason UNC Kenan-Flagler graduates are successful at Johnson & Johnson is because of the School's leadership and teamwork focus."

Sergio Wiernik

MBA 2002

Title: Managing Partner

Company: Capital Financial Advisors, Costa Rica

"Learning from my classmates was an insightful experience."

Cindy Davis-Jones

MBA 1996

Title: Vice President of Consumer Marketing

Company: The Weather Channel

"It was in a UNC Kenan-Flagler strategy class that I found brand management to be my true calling. It taught me to think strategically and to develop a disciplined approach to problem-solving."

Jeb Terry

MBA 2011

Born in: Dallas, Texas

"One of the great things about UNC Kenan-Flagler is that you are encouraged to explore career options. I am currently exploring Private Wealth Management, Private Equity and Venture Capital, Real Estate Development and Investment and Entrepreneurship. "

Kristin Wong

MBA 2010

Born in: Boston, Mass.

Raised in: Chapel Hill, NC

"As part of the Premier Fellows Program, I have access to networking, recruiting, and leadership activities that have opened many doors for me."

Alena Pisarcyk

MBA 2011

Born in: Russia

Raised in: Minsk, Belarus

"The alumni and current student network has been invaluable. Meeting with alumni makes me feel a part of a big supportive UNC Kenan-Flagler community."

Ashraf Hossain

MBA 2009

Title: Associate brand manager

Company: Olive Garden

"UNC Kenan-Flagler helped me develop my leadership skills. As I work with cross-functional teams, the communication skills I learned have helped me in leading those groups."

Juan Lopez

MBA 2010

Born in: La Coruna, Spain

"I was initially very attracted to UNC Kenan-Flagler's curriculum design. The variety of elective courses allows me to tailor my choices when looking at post-MBA career goals."

Michel Lusakueno

MBA 2010

Born in: Congo

"You need the kind of teamwork we are exposed to here in order to get through the rigor of this experience."

Su-Yen Wong

MBA 1993

Title: Worldwide Partner & Managing Director

Company: Mercer, Singapore

"Kenan-Flagler is about collaborating and working across boundaries."

Ed Hubbard

MBA 1995

Title: Founder and President

Company: United Devices Inc.

"When you start a company, you find out the next day you're in charge of sales. I tell students in the MBA Program that if they don't have a sales background, go learn something about sales."

Michael Simonetto

MBA 1991

Title: Principal

Company: Deloitte Consulting

"My decisions are still shaped by early MBA lessons in finance, marketing and operations. UNC teaches you to think, question and execute. It taught me that if you don't know the answer, at least you know where to look for the answer."

Ellen Pennow

MBA 2013

Raised in: Green Bay, Wisconsin

"I had many reasons for choosing UNC Kenan-Flagler, but the biggest draw for me was the quality of the student body. When I visited campus as a prospective student, every UNC Kenan-Flagler representative I met was exceptionally friendly, intellectually curious, and motivated to make a difference on a large scale."

Keith Beverly

MBA 2011

Born in: Washington, DC

"The network undoubtedly is a differentiator for UNC Kenan-Flagler. Alumni frequently return to campus to share their experiences during events such as Securities Industry Day or The Alpha Challenge. They often describe their time at UNC as 'one of the best experiences' of their lives."

Paul Clayton

MBA 1984

Title: CEO

Company: Jamba Juice

"Being part of the business school opened doors to opportunities that weren't previously available to me. Most importantly, it started me on the path to where I am today - leading a great organization and building a special brand."

Maital Guttman

MBA 2013

Born in: Israel

Raised in: North Carolina

"The UNC Kenan-Flagler experience extends beyond the two years at school, and instead is a lifelong community. "

Helen Ding

MBA 1998

Title: Institutional Client Group Risk Management, New York

Company: Citigroup Senior Vice President

"UNC taught me how to adapt to a new environment quickly. It increased my ability to be a fast learner. This ability is so critical in the ever-changing global business environment."

Jen Tackett

MBA 2010

"UNC Kenan-Flagler has changed me. I’m more confident as a woman. It taught me how to identify my intrinsic marketing talents and to develop and employ my network in the job search."

Brad Sparks

MBA 2004

Title: Director of Global Green Initiative

Company: KPMG International

"UNC Kenan-Flagler provided me with an invaluable international perspective. In one year alone, I traveled to four different continents through Kenan-Flagler related programs."

Chau Mai

MBA 2012

Raised in: Southern California

"UNC Kenan-Flagler was a safe place, in which I could take risks, fail, and learn from those mistakes in order to succeed after graduation."

Maggie Wu

MBA 2011

Born in: Zhengzhou, China

"The Leadership Initiative opportunity for feedback from executive coaches provides an excellent platform for students to learn and prepare to lead more effectively."

Ian Czaja

MBA 2007

Title: Consultant

Company: The Boston Consulting Group, Atlanta

"As a result of my experience at Kenan-Flagler, more job opportunities have opened up, and my ability to succeed across multiple dimensions has been greatly magnified."

Ken Hines

MBA 1984

Title: Senior managing director of bond and corporate finance group

Company: John Hancock

"What Kenan-Flagler did for me was help me transition from forestry to corporate banking. I could never have had this career without taking the step to get my MBA at Kenan-Flagler."

Aeisha Williams

MBA 2010

Born in: Kansas City, MO

"I truly was amazed by the culture here. The caliber of the class is phenomenal, and there’s so much to learn from our peers."

Jan Davis

MBA 1979

Title: President & CEO

Company: ShopperTrak, Illinois

"If you never fail at anything, you aren't trying enough hard things."

Micaela Maxwell

MBA 2010

Raised in: Keene, N.H.

"As I have explored my career options, I have had the chance to engage with alumni and have found the alumni community invaluable."

Caitlin Leary

MBA 2012

Raised in: Buffalo, New York

"I found both my internship and full-time position through Kenan-Flagler alumni, and look forward to being a resource to future students as I start my career."

Tracy Xiang

MBA 2013

Raised in: Shandong, China

"As an international student, I benefited significantly from the culture sessions designed to help us learn the American culture and adjust to the new environment easier."

Spencer Hall

MBA 2010

Born in: Knoxville, Tenn.

"The entrepreneurship program is excellent and offers top-notch training and opportunities."

Rolf Hoffmann

MBA 1987

Title: Senior Vice President

Company: Amgen International, Switzerland

"Discipline and balance are keys to success in both business and life."

Ellen Thompson

MBA 2004

Title: Brand Manager of Stove Top, Taco Bell Home Originals, and Shake ‘N Bake

Company: Kraft Foods

"There is a fairly large Kenan-Flagler network here at Kraft. There were some great people who took me under their wing, and helped me to transfer my success at Kenan-Flagler to success at Kraft."

Jeremiah Myers

MBA 2013

Raised in: Columbia, South Carolina

"Leaders of today must have skills beyond the technical, and UNC Kenan-Flagler’s leadership platform is the best at building those other critical abilities."

Liz Coddington

MBA 2003

Title: Manager, Operations Planning and Analysis

Company: Netflix, Inc., California

"UNC really differentiates itself in that it really focuses on getting students prepared for the next step after business school."

Zac Frost

MBA 2010

"UNC Kenan-Flagler was very welcoming to me and my family. I felt like we had a support network, and it started before we even arrived."

Lisa Shpritz

MBA 2005

Title: Senior VP / Environmental Manager

Company: Bank of America, Charlotte

"Going to UNC Kenan-Flagler completely changed my professional life. I would never have thought of a way to bring together environmental management, corporate responsibility, real estate and all the issues I get to work on."

Margret Lee

MBA 2005

Title: Director of Brand Management and Advertising

Company: Norwegian Cruise Lines, Miami

"I was promoted in record time, which speaks volumes about the level and caliber of my education. Without the experience of the Kenan-Flagler MBA, I wouldn't have ever been able to make that leap and be successful.

Daniel Valenzuela

MBA 2012

Raised in: Huntington Beach, California

"UNC Kenan-Flagler excels at providing students a flexible curriculum with specific courses and career opportunities unique to the school, such as in Real Estate and Sustainable Enterprise. "

Lisa Bescherer

MBA 1991

Title: Senior Director of Marketing for Lamb Weston

Company: ConAgra Foods

"The UNC Kenan-Flagler credentials on my resume carry a lot of weight and have been very critical in helping me continuously move up in my career."

Omar Garcia

MBA 1999

Title: Founder

Company: AVENTA Real Estate Services

"I'm a civil engineer. I love building stuff, whether it's a building or a company. My UNC Kenan-Flagler MBA helped prepare me to do both."

Eric Rosenbaum

MBA 1984

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Company: Women In Need

"I learned that you have to bring all of who you are if you want people to invest their hopes and dreams in your leadership."

Anthony Lewis

MBA 2010

Born in: Manhattan

"When you come to a place that’s genuine, that means something. It’s the UNC Kenan-Flagler way."

Amitav Virmani

MBA 2000

Title: General Manager

Company: Ranbaxy Laboratories, India

"Kenan-Flagler was instrumental in understanding corporate America."

Annie Evans

MBA 2011

Born in: Baltimore, Maryland

Raised in: Jacksonville, Florida

"I chose UNC Kenan-Flagler because I want to dedicate my career to developing communities that embody the triple bottom line: profitability, sustainability, and social responsibility."

Ying Wu

MBA 2010

Born in: Shanghai, China

"The Career Management Center helps the international students with one-on-one consulting and getting accustomed to the area and U.S. culture."