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Consulting Projects

Projects Completed in 2010

  • Progress Energy Market Assessment and Feasibility Study for Electro-Technologies Included ideation and preliminary data collection, qualitative screening, and high level business case development.
  • NC Organic Bread Flour Project Organizational Value Proposition Evaluation and Business Model Implementation Formulated a strategic roadmap for the organization over the next three years with a focus on key milestone decisions/actions for success.
  • Cherokee Investment Fund M.A.P Value Proposition Evaluation and Opportunity Assessment Initially evaluated M.A.P.'s value proposition in the competitive domestic context and then transitioned to opportunity assessment in international markets.
  • Environmental Finance Center New Models for Public Private Energy Finance Partnerships and Programs Analyzed different public/private sector energy finance partnership models.
  • Weaver Street Market Marketing Segmentation in the Face of Competition with Scale Rapidly understood, assessed and evaluated the competitive situation then recommended multiple repositioning initiatives.

Projects Completed in 2009

  • Walt Disney Imagineering Sustainable Development Determined the World's best examples of new construction in the Hotel, Retail, Restaurant, and Residential Community segments.
  • Triangle Renewables Initiative Business Model Assessment Reviewed current practice and created a feasible business model for financing small scale residential and commercial renewable energy development.
  • Johnson & Johnson Clean Water Opportunities for Emerging Markets Initially identified, reviewed and summarized the practical/appropriate categories and technologies in select emerging market spaces then transitioned to detailed opportunity assessment and business planning.
  • Unique Places Opportunity Assessment Created practical options for a transaction friendly business model in the conservation real estate space.
  • Progress Energy Off-shore Wind Energy Project Analysis Reviewed, evaluated and summarized the options for developing Off-shore Wind and recommended one or more business models for the Carolinas.

Projects Completed 2008 through 2005

  • Progress Energy Designing a Utility-Driven Solar Photovoltaic Program (2008); A Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Commercial Market Viability Study (2007); Designing a Sustainability Metrics Program (2006); Triple-Bottom-Line Land Valuation (2005)
  • Johnson & Johnson Emerging Market Entry Strategy with a Focus on the Internet Landscape (2007); Social, Internet and Mobile Marketing Strategies in Emerging Markets (2006); Brand-Based Emerging Market Business Model Analysis (2005)
  • Advanced Energy The Business Case for a Web-Based InUnison Offering (2008); Scaling SystemVision Nationally (2007)
  • Philip Morris USA Environmental Footprint Assessment of Key Suppliers (2006); Corporate Social Responsibility Workshop (2005)
  • Rockwell Automation Market Assessment for Energy Efficiency Solutions for Industrial and Manufacturing Customers (2008)
  • NC Choices Local Food Market Assessment and Business Decision Making Tools (2008)
  • eTc Potential Product Market Research and Associated Revenue Projections Based on Select Commercialization Strategies (2008)
  • US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development Organizational Value Proposition (2007)
  • NC Department of Commerce Sustainability Industry Sector Reports and Benchmarking Study (2007)
  • Bank of America Corporation Environmental Footprint Assessment (2006)
  • Orange County Partnership for Young Children Social Enterprise Business Model Assessment (2006)
  • Bilboa Energy Waste-to-Energy Business Analysis and Feasibility Assessment (2006)
  • Clean Energy Durham Market Research for Solar Hot Water Heater Initiative (2005)
  • Green Earth Builders Market Assessment and Marketing Plan (2005)
  • Sustainable North Carolina Sustainable Production Initiative Feasibility and Strategy (2005)
  • Dita Financial Social Enterprise Business Plan (2005)
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