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2010 BASE Members

Alganomics, LLC
The mission of Alganomics is to make a significant difference in our community, state, and nation to becoming more environmentally responsible and self sufficient within the biofuels industry. Alganomics operates to produce reliable, environmentally responsible, natural and renewable bioproducts from algal sources, and to promote the use of renewable energy alternatives. The primary algae biomass product is extracted oil for biodiesel fuelstock. Value-added byproducts may include bioplastics, biocoal, nutriceuticals, pharmaceuticals, etc. Services include consultation and environmental remediation. http://algaeresource.com/

Be Green, Be The Change, LLC
Company is manufacturing 100% organic cotton t-shirts and baby clothing designed by the community with 10% net profits donated to 'green' charitable organizations in our community. http://www.begreenbethechange.com/

Builders of Hope
A non-profit organization with a mission to increase the availability of high quality, safe, affordable housing for working families. Their comprehensive model incorporates economic benefits, environmental stewardship and social solutions to create sustainable communities. The organization recycles homes slated for demolition. Houses are rehabilitated using green building standards and sold at cost to workforce households. http://www.buildersofhope.org/

Carolina Wind Power, LLC
The company is a developer of vertical axis wind turbines that are designed to capture the lower wind speed markets in rural areas and atop commercial facilities. The Carolina Wind Power turbine design features with the lowest friction and the highest aerodynamic energy extraction from the wind technology and convert that energy with an extremely high efficiency electrical conversion system.

Common Ground Green Building Center
The company provides North Carolina with a hands-on retail showroom specializing in eco-friendly products for building and home improvement and sustainable kitchen design. Their main products include: cabinetry, countertops and flooring, tile, and paint and finishes. Common Ground Green promotes the use of truly eco-friendly products for home improvement by working with homeowners, builders, architects, and designers on bringing these products into current projects. http://www.commongroundgreen.com/

The company distributes green product line cleaning supplies and provides green maintenance service that replaces harsh chemicals, caustic products, and dangerous solvents. In providing these services we are contributing to clean air, water and providing a safer environment for our workforce and community. http://www.myecomaintenance.com/

Fullsteam Brewery
Fullsteam is a Durham, North Carolina brewery with a mission to redeem the image of beer in the South. Their tools for conversation and conversion are seasonal farmed products, heirloom grains, and Southern botanicals. No brewery has ever set out to create a distinctly Southern, "plow-to-pint" beer style. Other regions of the US are known for particular beer styles (hoppy West Coast IPAs, lagers in the Midwest, etc.) but the South has no craft beer tradition. They intend to change this. Their artisan-brewed beer will be served on-premises, at retail stores, and in restaurants. http://www.fullsteam.ag/

Green Energy Lawn Care
The company provides lawn care services using emission free mowers recharged by solar panels mounted on small fuel efficient trucks. They also use organic and natural products for fertilization and weed control. http://www.greenenergylawncare.com/

Into Green Fashions
The company is a retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer of bridal and special occasion dresses. Into Green Fashions demonstrates environmental responsibility by providing stylish, streamlined garments that are designed to avoid the use of excessive amounts of fabric, thereby reducing the wastefulness and overconsumption that are often associated with the wedding industry. Into Green Fashions is focused on expanding the customer base by making green apparel alternatives accessible and affordable.

Liberación Juice Station, LLC
The company is an environmentally sustainable 'green' mobile juice bar in Chatham County, NC that serves organic smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, and teas using local ingredients. Their vehicle runs on biodiesel fuel and eventually straight vegetable oil. LJS products are supplied by various vendors, including local, statewide and national organic farmers. The menu varies depending on the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. http://www.liberacionjuicestation.com/LJS/Welcome_Bienvenidos.html

Machen Advisory Group
The company provides concierge-level service depending on the needs of their clients. They offer services including property and facility management; brokerage; LEED services; construction services; sustainable redevelopment; new development team assemblage, direction and project marketing. MAG is committed to increasing the investment and community value of each property they serve by reducing the carbon footprint of each property. http://www.machengroup.com/

The company is a producer of Latino inspired baked goods which include: cookies, cakes, and other pastries. These goods are baked in traditional methods while innovating flavor variations. All bakery items are enclosed in premium and sustainable packaging. Mistti is a social enterprise that takes on a hybrid business model to achieve both financial and social impact goals. The non-profit strategic relationship with the for-profit company leverages philanthropic funds to train and develop minority women with an entrepreneurial spirit. The model also uses the power of business to create the market for Latino-inspired gourmet baked goods. www.meetmistti.com.

Oxide Architecture and Oxide Structure
Architecture and Construction, Oxide operates across industrial sectors, primarily bridging secondary sector building construction, tertiary sector architectural services, and quaternary sector projection (sustainability) research. The company provides architectural solutions and structural methods that are sensitive to societal and environmental wellbeing while attending to the dreams and needs of their individual clients. Oxide architect-build spaces that strive to find a balance between modern and sensuous; sustainable spaces that invite (culturally progressive, artistic-minded) people to enjoy and discover delight and vitality in the honest expression of material, form, and place. http://www.oxidearchitecture.com/

Solar Art, LLC
The company designs and manufactures aesthetically appealing solar structures which differentiate customers' property. Unlike normal "racking" equipment, Solar Art products enable beautiful structures, uniquely delivering image value. The solar industry is predominantly focused on reducing costs to facilitate adoption. Solar Art complements these efforts by improving the image of solar.

Tec-Cel, Inc.
The company will manufacture building block Li-ion cells that are incorporated into electric/hybrid vehicles and laptop battery packs by the end system manufacturer. They will manufacture the anode for all applications, and plans to set-up an in-house anode manufacturing plant in North Carolina.