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Alumni Profiles

Elena Miller

MBA 2007

"Business has the incredible power to cause great harm, or do great good. That is why I believe it is vital for today's business people to consider the footprint of their business decisions on the global community. "

Jim Johnson

MBA 2007

"I believe the vast majority of people want to live in a cleaner and more-just world, yet we all know how perspectives can sometimes change when people act from behind the walls of a corporation. "

Dan Sowder

MBA 2010

"Business school is an opportunity for each of us to identify and explore what values are most important to us and how we can achieve them through our careers. "

Betsy Vos Reeves

MBA 2007

"Sustainability will influence a company's ability to generate profits, attract top talent, and create an effective business model. "

Paula Wertheim

MBA 2009

"Kenan-Flagler stood out because it was team-oriented in its approach. "

Napoleon Wallace

MBA 2010

"The sustainability space is kind of hard to get a hold of... The knowledge pool is always changing, which is actually what makes it so interesting. "

Lysandra Gibbs

MBA 2011

"I decided to pursue an education in sustainability in order to make it my first professional priority, rather than a secondary project. "

Katherine Jennrich

MBA 2008

"I couldn't have asked for a more perfect real world application of my academic pursuits than my summer internship Supply Chain Greenhouse Gas analysis for Wal-Mart. "

Yan Guan

MBA 2009

"During [a CSR] audit, I saw thousands of young girls (some underage) working in harsh conditions. I told myself if I could run a company in the future I would never let this happen. "

Tom Outlaw

Evening MBA 2008

"Working in international development convinced me that the private sector has a vital role to play in poverty alleviation. "

Beth Richardson

MBA 2008

"Kenan-Flagler attracted me for it’s robust Net Impact chapter, depth of sustainability-related course offerings, and culture that encourages teamwork and collaboration."

Paquita Poindexter

MBA 2008

"By linking the core competencies of the firm to a triple bottom line, a company has the opportunity to design creative solutions to their problems while mitigating environmental and social risks. "

Shashank Khandavalli

MBA 2007

"To ensure sustainability, managers need to assess the value and long-term impact of each of the five capital assets: natural, human, social, manufactured and financial — not just the economic value added by the project. "


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