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UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School


UNC Kenan-Flagler Board of Visitors

Members provide advice and counsel to the dean, serve as ambassadors and advocates for the school and help secure the private resources that ensure a margin of excellence.

John Andrew Allison IV (BSBA ’71)
Richard E. Allison Jr. (BSBA ’89, MBA ’95)
Jeffrey Alan Allred (BA ’76, MBA ’80, JD
Phillip D. Ameen (BSBA ’69)
Dwight W. Anderson (MBA ’94)
Nathan Andrews (BSBA ’93, MAC ’93)
David Milton Carroll (BSBA ’79)
Joi Marie Corrothers (BSBA '98)
Deborah H. Ellis (MBA ’75)
Edward J. Fritsch (BSBA ’81)
Peter Fox
Paul Fulton (BSBA ’57)
Allen E. Gant, Jr. (UNC ’70)
Meredith H. Garwood (BSBA '87, MAC '89)
Thomas J. Gawronski (BSBA ’80)
James S. Gold (AB ’72)
Michael L. Griffin (BSBA ’87)
Joseph C. High (BSBA '76)
Jeffrey A. Hoffman (MBA ’93)
Rolf K. Hoffmann (MBA ’87)
Leo S. Horey III (MBA ’90)
Robert A. Jones (AB '77, MBA '80)

Betty Kenan
Steven D. Krichmar (BSBA ’80)
H. Kelly Landis III (BSBA ’79, MBA '82)
Lynn Diane Lewis (MBA ’86)
Anne Harris Lloyd (BSBA ’83)
Charles McNairy (BA ’97)
Nancy S. Millett (BSBA ’83)
R. Owen Mitchell (MBA ’85)
William M. Moore, Jr. (MBA ’67)
C. Toms Newby, III (BSBA '89)
Kennedy C. O’Herron (AB ’72, MBA ’80)
William F. Paulsen (BSBA '69, MBA '71)
Earl Norfleet Phillips, Jr. (BSBA ’62)
Todd McNeill Pope (AB ’87)
William L. Rogers (BSBA ’68)
Peter M. Scott III (BSBA ’72, MBA ’77)
William G. Seymour (BSBA ’64)
William N. Starling (BSBA ’75)
Frank Cable Steinemann, Jr. (BSBA ’70)
Jeffrey K. Tucker (MBA ’00)
David S. Van Pelt (BSBA ’63)
R. Steven Vetter (BSBA '78)
Allen Wilson (BSBA ’77)
Vanessa A. Wittman (BSBA '89)
G. Smedes York (MBA ’68)

UNC Kenan-Flagler Alumni Council

Members serve in an advisory capacity to the Alumni Relations area and to the dean – and are charged with the following mission:  Communicate Kenan-Flagler’s activities, priorities and intellectual resources to external constituencies; represent the interests of the alumni population to the dean and the Alumni Relations staff, advance the work of the council through service to current initiatives; and build the school through leadership. 

Nathan Andrews (BSBA ’93, MAC '93)
Candice Wooten Brown (BA '98, JD '01, MBA@UNC ’13)
Cristina Qubein Buckfelder (BSBA '08)
Render Dahiya (BSBA ’87)
Darius Davis (EMBA ’94)
Scott Davis (BSBA ’84) 
Cesar Elizondo (MBA ’00)
John Clyde Ellis (BA '03, MAC '04)
Ken Epps (MBA ’02)
Tara Flickinger (MBA ’11)
Mary Moore Hamrick (MBA/JD ’87)

Rodgers Harshbarger (MBA ’07)
Carrie Johnstone (BSBA ’01, MAC ’02)
Scott Jones (BSBA '85, MBA ’90)
Steven Kass (MBA ’86)
Jim Low (MBA ’00)
Betsy Matthew (EMBA ’95)
Quinton Maynard (MBA ’04)
Adele McLean (BSBA ’91, MAC '91)
John Murchison (JD '02, MBA '02)
Allison Phillips (MBA '05)
Anna Dorris Wilds (MBA '89)
Steven Wolf (MBA '00)

Kenan-Flagler Business School Foundation Board of Directors

The purposes of the corporation are to aid, support and promote teaching and research; to encourage the establishment of endowment funds for the benefit of the school for professorships, visiting professorships, fellowships and scholarships; to solicit, acquire, receive, hold, invest, reinvest, sell transfer, exchange, administer and manage property of all kinds for the benefit of the school and to make expenditures to and for the benefit of the school, and to do any and all acts and things that may be deemed desirable or expedient for the advancement of the school, its programs, and its faculty, staff and students.

Sridhar Balasubramanian
Betsy Battle (ABJO '76)
Gregory Brown
Jennifer Conrad
Stephen Cumbie (BA '70, MBA ’73)
Patrick G. Hartley (BSBA ’76)
John McColl (MBA ’91)
John C. O’Hara, Jr. (MBA ’79)
Douglas A. Shackelford (BSBA ’80)
Steven Skolsky (BA ’78) 
David W. Stevens
Brien White (AB ’99)

UNC Kenan-Flagler International Board of Advisors

Members provide input to the dean and senior leadership of the school on global issues and plans, provide a perspective on the school based on their experience and current location and serve as ambassadors of the school to other alumni and organizations.

Atul Agarwal (MBA ’89)
Norman Arends (MBA ’69)
Gagan Bakshi (MBA ’01)
Claudio Barreto (MBA ’97)
Charles Blocker, Jr. (MBA ’92)
C. Anthony Boon (MBA ’83)
Yuzo Chiba (MBA ’06)
Don-Ho Chien (MBA ’07)
Dan Draper (MBA ’99)
Todd Dunivant (BSBA ’85)
Cesar Elizondo (MBA 00)
Bruno Erbiste (MBA ’02)
Ceyda Erdinc (MBA ’01)
Julio Cesar Frem Bestani (MBA ’00)
David Hicks (MBA ’94)
Tarun Khosla (MBA ’07)
Vijay Kumar (MBA ’08)
Ron Martin (MBA ’04)
Tom Martineau
Toqueer Nawaz (MBA ’00)
Hirotaka Ogawa (MBA '96)
Sunil Parikh (MBA ’84)
Gonzalo Santamarina (MBA ’01)
Bruno Sardinha (MBA ’01)
Mark Scullion (MBA ’07)
TJ Singla (MBA ’04)
Jeff Tucker (MBA ’00)
Luiz Ulrich (MBA ’00)
Marcus Vieira (MBA ’05)
Amitav Virmani (MBA ’00)
Ignasi Vivas Ballabriga (MBA ’01)
Laura Voglino (MBA ’99)
Achim von Klitzing (MBA ’01)
Ann Wang (MBA ’06)