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Robin Moser

Robin Moser


OneMBA Class of 2012


Management Officer


U.S. Department of State

"I've lived on four continents, and worked on three. A traditional business program would have never captured the international aspects that I need to relate to on a daily basis at work. The global format of OneMBA is ideal for my lifestyle and career goals."

Why OneMBA?

“For me the OneMBA program has benefits on two levels: the tools and skills that I can apply immediately - like advanced analysis and cultural awareness, and those that I'll use in leadership positions a little further down the road. I’ve already tackled some hard questions at work - problems that have existed for a while, but no one has invested the time and energy to solve them. Because I'm in a learning mode at school, I’m more willing to ask the tough questions and spend the time trying to uncover solutions. OneMBA - with its global teams and residencies - has a very hands-on curriculum, making it easy to apply to my work and life.”

How do you balance work, school and family?

“Carefully! With two young children and a full-time job, I was concerned about how I would manage my time in the program. The first few months were hard, but once I got into the groove it became more manageable. Honestly, I try to fully live where I am. If I'm at work, I don’t spend all day talking about something that happened on the weekend. On school weekends, I try not to leave campus. When I’m studying at home, I let everyone know I'm not available. And when I’m spending quality time with my family, I try not to let myself become distracted by school or work. It’s hard, but I know it’s worth the effort. I've found that if I focus on the moment, I enjoy what I’m doing and I’m more effective.”

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