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John Flagg

John Flagg


Evening MBA Class of 2012


Partner Account Manager



"I believe to stay competitive in the marketplace you need to constantly reinvent yourself. An MBA will help me expand my skills so I can explore other careers, including entrepreneurship. And I'm meeting people who can help me reach those goals."

The Story of a Father of Four

“When I started the Evening MBA program, my oldest daughter was nine and the triplets (two girls and a boy), were six! My biggest concern was how to balance their needs along with work and school. Here’s how I’ve done it:

  • I chose a supportive program. When I visited a class at UNC, I was struck by the welcoming, family feel. The students told me how the faculty, staff and classmates work as a team to help each student succeed. This may sound funny, but I could actually feel that support. And I continue to feel it. The staff recognizes that you’re not just a student, but a whole person with a family and a career. They even included my spouse in the process, to ensure I had support on all fronts – work, school, and home.
  • I changed jobs. On the advice of my boss who had also completed her MBA, I shifted into a more flexible job, temporarily leaving my role in sales management. This allows me to focus on school and still be involved with my family.
  • I took the review courses. I was concerned that my analytical skills weren’t strong enough for the program, so I attended the review courses. I’m glad I did. The time I invested upfront has paid off exponentially!
  • I prioritize. I do my best in school, but I also realize what’s important in life. My two youngest daughters joined Indian Princesses this year. I made this one of my priorities and found a way to fit the activities into my schedule.
  • I accept help. I have an amazing spouse. Without her, none of this would be possible. She has stepped up in so many ways to support me in this program, especially with the kids. And she reminds me when I am getting out of balance. My study group has also been very supportive of my family obligations.
  • I outsource. For these two years, I pay others to do some of the things I normally do, like yard work.
  • I don't watch TV. I confess, I hadn’t realized how much time I used to spend on this!

It’s amazing how a few minor shifts can add extra hours in your day. Anything is possible with a little creative time management!”

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