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Alex Ogle

Alex Ogle


Weekend MBA Class of 2012


Merchandising Director


Lowe's Companies Inc.

"I view an MBA as a way to prepare myself to be the next generation of leadership. Job performance is the key metric for advancement. When I apply what I learn in class, I elevate my job performance. It’s that simple."

Managing Your Time

“Although an MBA was the obvious path to my goals, adding school to my already busy life was not so simple. I was acutely aware that family, self, work and school were going to be a 4 way tug-of-war. I needed a plan! I began to make conscious choices about how I use my time, and I found a solution that worked for me. You will too. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Choose a school that fits your personality. Some people thrive in a competitive environment. I prefer a supportive, team approach. When I attended a class at UNC, I found the faculty was engaging and the classroom environment was welcoming. Of all the schools I researched, UNC fit my personality best. Look at multiple programs so you can be sure the place you and is right for you. When things get hectic, this assurance on the front end will give you confidence that you made the right choice.
  • Choose a format that fits your lifestyle. I chose the weekend program for two reasons: 1) Geography - The commute from Charlotte twice a month is manageable, 2) My personality - It works better for me to shut things down at work on Thursday and know for the next two days I am going to focus on school.
  • Learn time-managment skills. I don’t know that life is ever in full balance during a time like this! Fortunately, in the first semester, we learn how to prioritize and find creative solutions that help us manage our time. Consequently, I made some adjustments to my work schedule, and in our study group we discussed our expectations and availability.
  • Find creative solutions. I have 3 children who want and need their father. Doing my Statistics homework while my 6th grader is doing Algebra and my 2nd grader is doing multiplication tables has been an interesting way to bond!
  • Think positively. The 2.5 hour commute from Charlotte to Chapel Hill is not a burden, it’s a chance to transition from one world to the next. The MBA coursework is not a chore, it’s an opportunity to improve your job performance.”

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