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UNC Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club

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Ever dream of graduating from Kenan Flagler and joining the milieu of freshly minted MBAs sprinkled across middle management roles throughout corporations around the world? Then this club is not the one for you. But if you want to take risks, be part of ideas that could change the world, and lead your own company someday soon, then this IS the home for you.

The mission of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital club is to provide that rare brand of business leader, the lifeblood of the US economy, with the resources and opportunities required to succeed along the path to the C-suite.

Leadership Team

Pierce Gaynor - President

Pierce graduated from Boston College with degrees in English and Philosophy. Prior to business school, he used to work in pharmaceutical advertising, creating numerous campaigns from concept to execution, launching several brands, and supervising the creative and copy side of his teams. Since starting at Kenan-Flagler Business School, Pierce has co-founded the literary site NoiseMedium.com and worked part-time for a Durham-based startup.

Contact: Pierce_Gaynor@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Alain Glanzman - Executive Vice President

glanzmanAlain is an entrepreneur and first-year MBA student currently working on his third startup. Alain has been profiled in The Huffington Post and The Atlantic for his two previous ventures. Prior to business school, he worked as a consultant for nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies. He has successfully launched products in Europe, Africa, and South America and enjoys working with early-stage startups.

Contact: Alain_Glanzman@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Nicholas Richardson - VP of Corporate Relations

RichardsonPrior to business school, Nicholas worked as a strategy consultant in Chicago for five years. At Kenan-Flagler, Nicholas is concentrating in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance and is pursuing a role in the venture capital industry.

​Contact: Nicholas_Richardson@kenan-flagler.unc.edu


Chenyi (Nancy) Wu - VP of Finance and CSF & CSV 

Chenyi (Nancy) Wu has a risk consulting background focused primarily on health care, retail and manufacturing. She gained leadership experience at KPMG where she led engagement teams to continuously strive for excellence on client service. As a KFBS MBA student, she is an active figure in entrepreneurship-and-VC related extracurricular activities such as VCIC and startup consulting project.Chenyi earned her bachelor’s in business administration at Fudan University in China. Chenyi is an avid cycler, runner, and enjoys cooking and experimenting in the kitchen

Contact: Chenyi_Wu@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Jonathan Huffman - VP of Communications

HuffmanJonathan is a futurist with a passion for creative problem solving. He did his undergraduate studies at Huntington University, graduating in 2010 with a double B.A. in English and Theater Performance, then moving to South Korea to reach English for two and a half years. His entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Blue Shoe Games in 2013, a company that invented, designed, and manufactured card games from his apartment in Raleigh. Jonathan enjoys envisioning ways the world could be different, and working to turn those ideas into reality, and whatever else his future holds, that is going to be part of it.

Contact: Jonathan_Huffman@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Charlotte Guice - VP of Learning & Development

Charlotte graduated with a Bachelor of Art and Design in 2009 from the College of Design at NC State University, where she focused on product design, sculpture, and textiles. During her last semester of college, she founded Olly Oxen, a collegiate and lifestyle apparel/accessories company. Olly Oxen has since grown into a family business with her two older brothers joining her. At Kenan-Flagler she focuses on Entrepreneurship and Family Business and is both a Kenan Institute Leadership Fellow and Adams Apprentice. While pursuing her MBA, Charlotte still works in Olly Oxen and will return full-time after graduation in May 2017.

Contact: Charlotte_Guice@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Jeronimo Velarde - VP of Operations

Jeronimo is from Mexico City, Mexico and has an Industrial Engineering degree from Universidad Iberoamericana. Prior to pursuing an MBA he worked at RVD and Associates as a consultant specializing in business and corporate strategy. During his time there he worked closely with management teams of small startups as well as successful public companies defining business models, developing strategies and supporting in the execution of initiatives. Jeronimo sees the MBA at Kenan-Flagler Business School as a great opportunity to leverage his consulting experiences with business acumen through a Marketing concentration and an enrichment in Entrepreneurship.   

Contact: Jeronimo_Velarde@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Michael Biron - VP of Business Development

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, interested in starting my own business, or potentially working as a growth executive for a startup. Prior to Kenan-Flagler, I was employed in a few different fields, including construction management, sales, and the US Army.

Contact: Michael_Biron@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Josephine Manlangit - VP of Careers

ManlangitJosephine Manlangit graduated from Saint Mary’s College of California and studied Marketing. Prior to business school, Josephine worked in the retail industry for Target’s Leadership Development Program. This summer she will be joining Goldman Sachs' Investment Management Division in San Francisco.

Contact: Josephine_Manlangit@kenan-flagler.unc.edu

Membership Benefits

Career Treks – RTP, NY/Boston, West Coast

“Founders, Funders, & Futures” Speakers Series – Next year, our speaker series will feature 8 speakers selected from the entrepreneur, VC/PE, and C-Suite operator dimensions and will include at least one big name keynote speech (think Elon Musk) as the capstone of the lecture series.

Venture Capital Investment Challenge (VCIC) – The Global VCIC finals are held every April at Kenan Flagler. The EVC club co-sponsors and helps organize and run this most renowned business case competition each year. Students from top B-schools from across the world, including UNC, which placed third in 2014, form VC teams and evaluate and negotiate terms with established entrepreneurs drawn from across the world. Partners from VC firms across the US serve as judges. Watch out and get ready for the internal round in October to select the team that will represent UNC next year.

Coffee-for-Eight – This event organized by the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Kenan Institute brings together EVC club members with senior partners at VC firms for an hour of chatting and networking over coffee.

Field Trips – The club organizes field trips to visit local entrepreneurs and learn about their success stories. Last year, we visited Full Steam Brewery and Bronto Software, both located right here in the RTP.

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