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Since 1997, the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies has fostered a culture of entrepreneurship at UNC. Attracted by our world renowned programs, students learn the analytical skills to recognize opportunities while developing the people skills to tap into the broader UNC entrepreneurial network. Recruiters agree that Kenan-Flagler students have a distinct entrepreneurial spirit that differentiates the UNC MBA.

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MBA Concentration Requirements

To receive a certificate of completion of the Entrepreneurship Concentration, students must complete a minimum of five (5) courses from the following list: A minimum one (1) Required Course (1.5 credits) MBA 835: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

A minimum of four (4) Elective Courses (6.0 credits)
Students who take both required courses may take three elective courses, total of 4.5 credits 

  • MBA 754A: Innovation and Product Development
  • MBA 817: Venture Capital Valuation and Deal Structure
  • MBA 832: Managing the Growing Business
  • MBA 836: Entrepreneurship and Minority Economic Development
  • MBA 843: Private Deal Structures
  • MBA 843A: Family Business I: Introduction to Family Enterprise
  • MBA 843B: Family Business II: Governance and Ownership
  • MBA 846A: Private Equity
  • MBA 846G: Opportunities in Emerging Technologies
  • MBA 846K: Designing and Protecting Your Startup
  • MBA 847: Sales
  • MBA 848B: Launching the Venture: Feasibility
  • MBA 848C: Launching the Venture: Business Planning
  • MBA 848D: Launching the Venture: Financing
  • MBA 848F: Intro to Business Planning & Modeling (Ted Zoller)
  • MBA 866: Social Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 895: Healthcare Entrepreneurship 

MBA 846J: Business Plan Analysis Concentration Team The coordinator for the Entrepreneurship concentration is Ted Zoller (zoller@unc.edu). The Faculty Committee on Entrepreneurship includes Ted Zoller, Patrick Vernon and Clay Hamner. Concentration Leader: Ted Zoller Curriculum Advisor: Patrick Vernon Career Advisor: Patrick Vernon

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