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At Kenan-Flagler, we have developed a special approach to GBP projects. The methodology is based on extensive research on efficient and effective team problem solving. We work closely with the members of the company team over the course of the 4 month project to drive toward meaningful recommendations that are implementable. Shown below are the stages of our process:
 DBP Methedology

 Video Clips

 Kenan-Flagler Promo Video 

 In-Country - Intro Weekend

 2011 Brazil “Scavenger Hunt” (in Portuguese)

 Team Videos

 Kobe Portopia Hotel – Japan – 2011 GBP project

 GE Brazil team (2011)

 RBS Brazil ( 2012, English version)

 RBS Brazil (2012 – Portuguese version)

 GBP 2013 – Citibank

 Company Interviews
 Ricardo Guimares - AGCO
 Markus Saba - Eli Lilly
 SAP - Brazil
 RBS - Brazil
 GE - Brazil

 Student Interviews

 Bridget Brennan
 Student Blogs
 Justin Reyes: Internship Insights

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