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MBAs solving real-world challenges for global clients

The Global Business Project (GBP) is a unique action-based learning course for MBAs that includes:

  •  MBAs from multiple business, cultural, and university environments working with corporate executives to solve a business challenge
  • Teams working virtually first in the US and then on the ground in Brazil, China or India
  • Actionable recommendations, professionally presented

This one of a kind program provides benefits for Clients and MBAs.

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For Clients, benefits include:

  • High quality, fact-based recommendations from an outside perspective on a business challenge
  • Access to the world's best and brightest MBAs from multiple schools and countries for evaluation as interns and full-time employees and as ambassadors back to consortium schools

For MBAs, benefits include:

  • International business experience to complement their existing work and academic experience
  • Access to companies that recruit MBAs
  • Opportunity to work with fellow MBAs from different backgrounds, different countries and different schools in a virtual and face-to-face team setting
  • Exposure to consulting skills and frameworks

The course/projects begin with a GBP Launch Weekend in early February in Chapel Hill, NC for all students, clients and faculty.  Students do independent pre-Kick Off work until mid-March, then step up their virtual team work through the early part of May, and finish their consulting projects with two weeks of full-time on the ground teamwork in the host country the last two weeks of May.

Teams are constructed through a competitive application process with members drawn from any of the member consortium schools.

How a Client qualifies to participate:

  • Submits a corporate challenge that can benefit from a fresh perspective provided by an MBA team that collectively has experience in the country, the industry, and the focus of the project
  • Provides senior executives to work with the team to ensure success
  • Contributes a USD$20,000 per project fee to offset program costs, plus covers all project-related expenses of the team and faculty advisor during the two weeks in the GBP host country in late May, and the international round-trip airfare for the faculty advisor.

How a Student qualifies to participate:

  • Submits a compelling application and is nominated by his/her school's GBP consortium representative
  • Pledges to do top-quality work for credit, putting in time and effort equivalent to the most demanding MBA class spanning 15 weeks of the academic year
  • Agrees to engage in all face-to-face and virtual meetings, including the February Launch Weekend in Chapel Hill, NC and in-country the last two weeks of May.


Client Application - are being accepted until mid-October, 2014.   For questions or concerns, please contact , GBP Program Manager.


Student Application

Student applications will be accepted in October 2014.

For questions or concerns, please contact GBP Program Manager .


The course is funded in part by the Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBERs) at the member institutions, the US Department of Education, and by participating clients and students.

GBP member institutions: UNC-Chapel Hill and Wisconsin-Madison, Lingnan College University, IIM-U and UNISINOS.

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